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Best PC sniping games of 2020

For those of you who like to play a role of a sniper, I present a list of best PC sniping games that have earned recognition due to an interesting and realistic simulation of sniper shooting, as well as generally conveying the atmosphere and various features of the sniper.

Among shooters, even best PC sniping games are far from the most popular, but they also have their own dedicated audience. However, sometimes you want to get away from the usual setting of the games you like the most and try something new, more realistic and more “camping-like”.

That is why the best pc spinning games are suitable for this. Therefore, I suggest you familiarize yourself with the list of the best PC sniping games, released over the past 10-15 years. So, if you have a low-end PC rig, you may also be interested in the games listed below.

Sniper Elite 4

A popular tactical third-person shooter that demonstrates all the charms and hardships of a sniper’s life.

The events of the fourth game still occur during the Second World War, this time in Italy of 1943. It should be noted that the plot of Sniper Elite 4 is full of various events and missions, constantly throwing the player from one place to another.

The size and detail of in-game stages have increased, the AI ​​of enemies has also become better, ballistics has been corrected. The X-Ray Kill Cam system has also expanded to cover killings with flying shrapnel and melee.

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Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3

A first-person tactical shooter released by CI Games in April 2017. Unlike previous games in the Ghost Warrior series, this is the first one, positioned as an AAA-class project. Therefore, it has a large open world, ultra-modern graphics and a large number of diverse missions, divided into main and secondary.

Moreover, the missions presented here, far from all belong to the category of the sniper. There are tasks to research, survive, and even silently penetrate the camp and eliminate target – all in the best traditions of stealth.

Nevertheless, sniper shooting remained a key element of the gameplay in Ghost Warrior 3, however, it underwent significant changes aimed at both beginners and veterans of the series.

Now, when shooting, even more factors are taken into account: distance, elevation angle, ammo type, strength and direction of the wind, body position and breathing.

For those who find the mechanics of the third game too complicated and incomprehensible, the developers even prepared a special blog with explanations, the materials of which can be downloaded from the game’s official website.

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Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts

There is no number in the title of this part of Ghost Warrior series, and it’s not casual – the game, although it retains the spirit of the original, has a lot of new elements for the series. It came out in 2019, after the third game. The player is invited to fulfill a variety of contracts and kill targets in dozens of different ways. At the same time, other snipers will hunt for the same goal. There are regular tasks, as well as perpetual contracts and complex tasks that will be too tough for beginners.

Other features include a rich arsenal of gadgets (drones, turrets, gas grenades), an updated tactical tag system, and an enhanced augmented reality mask. The developers also abandoned the open world, which has become one of the stumbling blocks to the success of the third game in the series.

Changes in Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts have benefited the series – it has over 75% positive feedback on Steam, and players praise it for the original gameplay of the sniper shooter.

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Ski Sniper

An original sniper shooter in which your goal will be not fascists and zombies, but ordinary winter sports fans. Fast skiers can easily dodge a bullet, so you need to calculate the flight path and make an accurate shot. As in the Sniper Elite series, there is a slow-motion after the shot, and you can see exactly where the bullet hit. There is a diverse arsenal of weapons: from sniper rifles to crossbows.

The game also includes competitive elements (although there is no multiplayer). Your victim should fly as far as possible, and this record is fixed.

Ski Sniper is a great, easy game to help you relax.

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Hitman / Hitman 2

Continuation of the cult series about the famous hired killer, who often uses weapons with optical sights in his difficult work.

The Hitman series is not a sniper simulator in its purest form but offers much more diverse mechanics. However, shooting from a weapon with a telescopic sight is furnished with such charm that it definitely earned for the project a place in the top of games about snipers on a PC.

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Zombie Army Series

A spin-off of the popular gaming series from Rebellion, dedicated to battles with the army of rebels from the dead Nazis, raised by Hitler with the help of occult knowledge of the Third Reich.

All games in the series contain exciting campaigns that can be played both alone and in cooperative mode for up to four people.

Zombie Army retained all the features of shooting from the main Sniper Elite series, built on the basis of a lot of factors: bullet weight, wind direction, enemy location and so on. Of course, the X-Ray Kill Cam system has also been preserved, demonstrating the process of bullet penetration into the targets body in all shocking details.

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ArmA 3

The third part of the famous combined arms simulator from Bohemia Interactive, which has received recognition thanks to its extensive and deep tactical capabilities, including in terms of conducting sniper warfare.

Arma 3 events unfold in the near future, in an open world immersed in global conflict. Players have an arsenal of 20 types of military equipment, 40 weapons (and several are ideally suited for sniper fire), various equipment and gear. In general, the possibilities for playing the role of a sniper here are very wide.

Despite the fact that Arma 3 is not a simulator of a sniper in its purest form, among games in this category, it deserves the right to be among the best.

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In addition to the games described above, I want to mention some more projects that can interest sniper shooter fans: Sniper Rust VR, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series, Operation Flashpoint series, Red Orchestra 2, Hunting Simulator, Medal of Honor: Warfighter, Battlefield 1, Argo, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Point Blank.

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