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Best RPGs of all time for low-end PCs

If you bored at the office and want to play games or two, but don’t have a decent gaming rig there, you should pay attention to the time-tested RPG games for low-end PCs. Moreover, most of them, although they cannot boast of good graphics, is not inferior to the quality of production of many modern projects.


The legendary franchise, the events of which unfold in a world that has survived a nuclear war. Here, in the radioactive wasteland, people were able to survive and build a semblance of civilization – the laws of which, are very different from the usual foundations for modern society.

Games of the Fallout series are valuable, first of all, with complete freedom of action. Literally from the first minutes of the game, the player is free to send the hero wherever he wants, complete tasks in various ways, act with brute force, rely on secrecy, or peacefully settle all conflicts thanks to eloquence. For low-end computers, the first and second games of the franchise are suitable, with medium PC you can play Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, but owners of modern PCs can enjoy the graphic beauty of Fallout 4 (although in my opinion the Fallout 4 is worst of the series).



Games of the Diablo series are excellent for computers of all categories: the first and second games can be played even on potato PCs, third game is also playable on budget gaming rigs. Here gamers are waiting for endless battles in a setting of gloomy fantasy with the obligatory salvation of the world.

The first part of Diablo takes players to the dungeons located under the city of Tristram, where hordes of various monsters have settled, and Diablo himself lives on the lowest level of the dungeon. The sequel is more diverse in terms of locations: here you can visit the marshes and deserts, clear out dark dungeons and even travel to Hell and back. In addition, the second part of the series contains cooperative and competitive multiplayer.



RPG, based on the literary world of the Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski, and which laid the foundation for one of the best gaming series at the moment. The Witcher tells the story of the Geralt, covering the events that unfold after the plot of the book saga. The main character has to fight with monsters, perform various tasks and, of course, make many difficult decisions that can have far-reaching consequences.

Fans of literary works will meet many familiar characters in the game of Witcher, visit famous locations and find references to the events described in the books. However, the game will be no less interesting to those who are not familiar with the source – a completely independent story is told here.



The legendary series of the Bethesda Game Studios, which received many awards, won the recognition of millions of gamers and presented fantasy fans with an extraordinary universe in which you can be anyone and do whatever you want.

The first part of the franchise was released back in 1994, but we will not look so far into the past, I recommend two games for the weak PCs: The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Both offer gamers to explore the open world, survive many adventures, become the greatest warrior/mage/thief / Assasin and even challenge the gods.



A fabulous game with a fascinating story and just an incredible abundance of opportunities available to gamers. Here, everything that the protagonist does is directly reflected in him. One who does good deeds uses the love of the townspeople – acquires a small halo, the villain scares people and grows horns. A glutton will become fat, a warrior with a heavy sword will build muscle, and a drunkard will constantly shake.

In addition, in Fable: The Lost Chapters you can literally live: buy a house, get married, give birth and raise a child. Just do not be surprised if, after long wanderings around the world, the second half gets tired of the constant absence of a spouse and would like to get a divorce.



A cult series of computer RPGs that was remembered by gamers for their abundance of diverse gameplay capabilities, high complexity, interesting and quite realistic combat system, worked out to the smallest detail, as well as a huge number of bugs, many of which, allowed to complete quests much faster.

The franchise received four games and several add-ons, but only the first two games are worthy of attention. After breaking up relations with the publisher and losing the rights to the name Gothic, the developers released another series of games – the Risen trilogy, which has almost no different gameplay and atmosphere from the Gothic game series.



Wonderful Action RPG from Arkane studio (authors of the Dishonored series). The game combines fencing, archery and the use of magic spells, and also fully utilizes the capabilities of the Source engine: the local physical model allows you to push enemies into the abyss, bring down heavy objects on them and break fragile buildings. The level design, in turn, makes it possible to choose the style of gameplay suitable for you: break-in loud or hide in the shadows of secret corridors.

The action of Dark Messiah of Might and Magic takes place in the universe of Might and Magic, and the plot is full of references to the fifth part of the Heroes of Might and Magic series of strategies. Players have to participate in large-scale events, and in the final make a choice between good and evil.



Dilogy in the Star Wars universe (more precisely, a trilogy, including the 2011 MMORPG of Star Wars: The Old Republic). Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker will not be able to meet here: the action of KotOR takes place 4000 years before the events described in the films, which unchained the hands of the developers, allowing them to create an original script.

The games of the Star Wars: The Old Republic series attract with an unusual plot (unexpected twists in the spirit of StarWars original movie series), well-developed combat and role systems, interesting teammates (everyone who met the HK-47 will not forget this charming droid), and also an opportunity to learn the secrets of the Force and become as the part of the Dark side.



One more game made by BioWare (I miss old Bioware games ☹). The mechanics of Neverwinter Nights are based on the D&D role-playing system, which implies a detailed creation of characters, a large selection of classes, throws of virtual dice that determine the probabilities of a particular outcome of events during battle. The plot, as always, is full of epic: the search for powerful artifacts, and meeting dragons, as well as saving the world.

The second part of the series was done by Obsidian, and it turned out to be not so impressive. But still worthy of attention: an interesting story is told here, and the gameplay pleases with variety and dynamics.



One of the best old RPGs, a wonderful steampunk setting game that talks about a world where magic and technology mixed in a bizarre symbiosis. Here begins the path of a hero who, by the will of fate, becomes the only one able to stop the end of the world. He will have to gather a company of “friends” and fight the dangerous evil that threatens the entire world of Arcanum.

The project is interesting in an exciting story, an original combat system that allows you to combine turn-based battles and real-time battles, as well as a setting in which the characters can use both magic skills and firearms.



The cult RPG about vampires, unfortunately, went unfinished, failed in sales and buried the Troika Games studio. However, fans did not forget the game: the community released a bunch of patches and mods in which bugs were fixed and even cut content was added.

The secret of unquenchable love from gamers lies in a great atmosphere, an unusual setting (vampires in our time), interesting characters and a detailed storyline, which the developers saved from cliches and filled with unexpected twists.



Action RPG in a cyberpunk setting, the plot of which traces the well-known conspiracy theories – about the secret world government, the Illuminati, alien technologies.

Here, gamers have to get used to the role of a person equipped with nano-augmentations, which give him unique abilities. With their help, agent JC can become invisible, accelerate, lift heavy objects, restore health and much more. A large selection of skills allows players to use different methods of the walkthrough: go ahead, act stealthily, crack security systems. The game received several sequels and prequels, including games for modern PCs and consoles.



Dilogy from the famous BioWare studio, which opened the way for Canadian game devs as the best developers in the niche. The action of Baldur`s Gate takes place in the popular universe of Forgotten Realms, and the game mechanics are built on the basis of the modified AD&D system. Here, gamers will travel around the big world, where they will survive many adventures and battles.

Baldur`s Gate was remembered by the players for its elaborate gameplay, interesting party members (the berserker Minsk and his hand hamster Boo were included in the list of 50 greatest characters of computer games according to Empire magazine), as well as a fascinating story with unusual twists. Like Titan Quest, the series has been re-made for modern gaming systems.



A popular series of games in a fantasy setting, where gamers will play the role of brave heroes and save the magical world of Ancaria. It is distinguished by the presence of a cooperative walkthrough, a huge map, unusual classes of characters (for example, here you can play for Seraphim, the Vampiress and the Inquisitor with the corresponding skills), and in the second part it is also an opportunity to abandon good deeds and take the side of Darkness.

The Sacred series contains three parts (as well as several add-ons and spin-offs), but only the first two games deserve attention. The third game of the franchise was developed by another studio and its shit.



Diabloid with a plot immersing in the myths of Ancient Greece, Egypt, the East and Scandinavia, a role-playing system that allows the hero to be flexibly developed in several directions, a large number of different locations and cooperative gameplay. Titan Quest will be great entertainment if the games of the Diablo series are completed 1000 times, and the thirst for slashing enemies and getting loot is still present in you.

By the way, this RPG is suitable not only for low-end PCs but also works on modern systems: the developers made a re-release, in which they added support for high screen resolutions, reworked the balance of the game process and fixed various bugs.



Charming CRPG performed according to the rules of the Dungeons & Dragons universe, where players have to stop the danger threatening the Ten cities of the Valley of the icy wind. Everything according to the canons – gathering a party, leveling heroes, completing quests, turn-based battles in which the probability of success is determined by throwing virtual dice.

Despite its clear resemblance to Baldur’s Gate, Icewind Dale is a bit behind its neighbor. Nevertheless, the game is able to please with a storyline.



The best RPG (and, according to many, the game) of 2019, which, despite its young age, is great for low-end PCs, having very low system requirements.

What made Disco Elysium the best? Just an extremely politically incorrect, intolerant and cynical story about the misadventures of an alcoholic policeman. And also, an original role-playing system with unusual skills and the ability to shout at a locked chest to open it. Partly difficult, sometimes annoying, but very atmospheric game.



Few games allow you to get into the skin of evil. And very rare belong to the genre of RPG. Tyranny is just one of them: here you will carry the will of a tyrant into the enslaved world, becoming a judge and executioner all rolled into one.

This is a classic role-playing game in which you will change the world with your decisions, fight in battles with a tactical pause and act in the interests of the “dark side”. And if the gameplay does not offer anything new, then the story will certainly interest you if you are fed up with standard stories about saving the world.



One of the best Diablo clones, a cooperative role-playing action about clearing dungeons and collecting loot. Torchlight 2 pleases with a slight bias in steampunk, a strong emphasis on joint play, as well as the ability to send a pet with loot to the merchant, without interrupting the fierce extermination of monsters.



Another RPG from Obsidian Entertainment (there are quite a lot of them) dedicated to the old-school adventure with party formation, the influence of decisions and actions made by the player will have an impact on the state of the world. If you miss old RPGs but don’t want to go back to outdated interfaces and run into compatibility issues, then Pillars of Eternity will be your best compromise.


That’s it. That’s the list of the best RPG games for low-end PCs. If you are looking for something else to play, you can check out the top free racing games on Steam.

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