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Best sandbox games for low-end PCs

As a child, we, sitting in the sandbox, tried to build something out of the sand, and our crafts were limited only to fantasy. Sandbox games offer the same thing – create, test, destroy. I have collected for you the best sandbox games for low-end PCs. Let’s start!


Space simulator, a sandbox in which you have to create your own shuttle or plane and go on it to explore the expanses of space.

The gameplay can be divided into two parts. The first is the construction of a spaceship, taking into account all kinds of laws of physics and aerodynamics. The second is testing the created transport. If it does not fall apart on take-off, then a whole stellar universe with unique planets and moons will open before you.

You can buy it on Steam here


Craft the World is both a sandbox, a god simulator, and a strategy. The player, controlling a small tribe of gnomes, will study randomly generated worlds full of dangers. You can give orders to your subjects: some will be engaged in construction, others will take care of their neighbors, and will go to war with the monsters.

The game will especially appeal to fans of fantasy. Here you can find monsters of different varieties as well as magic, and various mysterious phenomena.

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A sandbox in which you will take on the role of the builder and owner of the prison. You have to build a reliable building with various rooms (cameras, a dining room, a toilet, a training room, etc.) and observe the behavior of prisoners. Those, of course, will try to get out – but can they? It depends on your attentiveness!

Prison Architect is one of the best sandbox games for low-end PCs. Surely you could not imagine yourself in the role of the head of the prison. Try it, it will give you an unforgettable experience!

You can buy this game here


The most popular sandbox survival game in the whole world (personally I don’t like this one, but it becomes playable with few conversion mods). The player finds himself in a randomly generated cubic world, and can do whatever he wants! In the beginning, you need to take care of the character – build a shelter for the night, find food, make a weapon out of a stick and stone. Having mastered all the basics, the gamer will find that in the world of Minecraft there are a lot of activities. You can build anything, establish a production chain, become a hunter, farm and so on.

If Minecraft bores you, you can visit the server with modifications that significantly expand the boundaries of the game.

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TERRARIA – The best sandbox game!

In my opinion, this one is the best sandbox game for low-end PCs. The player will get comfortable on a hostile planet and explore both its surface and dungeons. No settings and rules – the gamer decides on his own what to do. Build shelters of any kind and size, create weapons and go to caves that hide in themselves both deadly opponents and rare loot.

In Terraria, the whole world, as developers say, is the canvas. And what picture will be on it – it all depends on the user’s imagination!

You can buy this near-perfect game here


At Factorio, you have to become an industrial tycoon on peaceful earth. You are required to build a whole network of production factories in a huge two-dimensional world, from simple manipulators to complex transport conveyors.

The game would be boring if it were not for the opponents in the form of local residents who are against the exploitation of land resources. Can you build an entire energy industry, or will the enemies take over? Try playing with your friends – it’s so interesting!

Buy here


Immortal classic. Garry’s Mod is a real sandbox game. The player is invited to create anything – heroes, scenes, objects, a car, catapult, rocket, etc., using the features of the Source engine (on which Half-Life 2 is created). A huge toolkit is provided to tease your imagination.

In this case, physical laws are taken into account, which adds variety to the gameplay. You can engage in the construction of serious things, or just have fun, exposing the characters of Half-Life in funny poses and shooting scenes with them. The game will definitely appeal to those who are looking for the best sandbox games for low-end PCs.

You can buy it on Steam here


Fantastic colony simulator, sandbox. Three people survive the crash of the spacecraft and end up on an unknown planet. They will not only survive but also form a colony.

RimWorld takes into account, as it seems, all the details in the gameplay that you can think of. Starting from the character of the heroes and ending with random events that can destroy all your plans. You have to deal with construction, mining resources and protect your shelter from bandits. Each new game is randomly generated (both heroes and maps), so the new adventure will not be like the previous one.

You can buy it here


Medieval sandbox based on the laws of physics. Gamers are invited to build a siege machine from scratch and test it for strength, destroying fortresses and peaceful villages. Thanks to the rich toolkit, you can create anything from a simple catapult to gigantic “machines of death”. Creativity at Besiege is a must!

This sandbox has been at the early testing stage for almost 5 years, but at the same time, it has over 20,000 positive reviews on Steam.

You can buy this game here


A space sandbox in which you will build your own spaceship from scratch. In the rich editor, you will find an abundance of blocks, weapons and other modules that are useful to you for the construction of the shuttle. It will depend on your imagination. You can make a simple fighter, or a giant cruiser, destroying everything in its path.

And whether the ship is reliable, or it will fall apart, you will find out when you test it. Go to outer space and fight either with bots or real players! You can also see other people’s creations, and they, by the way, often cause delight!

You can buy Avorion here


Atmospheric sandbox with elements of horror. The player is invited to choose one of the characters, each of which has unique characteristics and goes to explore the other world.

Don’t Starve begins as an ordinary “survival game” – a gamer will search for and extract resources, food, and at night hide from demons in the light of a fire. But gradually in the gameplay, various elements of the sandbox appear, since there are a lot of objects and devices that the user can create. The player can equip his lair with various inventions, build his own farm and go to explore the dark caves lurking with monsters. It should also be noted the great animation style which looks like the creation of Tim Burton.

That’s it, the list of the best sandbox games for PC ends here. I wanted to note that this is my personal list and your favorites may be different or not included in the list. Let me know in the comments below which sandbox games you play which not included in this list.

You can buy Don’t Starve here

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