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Crazy car driving games for PC

A selection of computer games in the genre of a car simulator in which a player can (and sometimes should) get rid of opponents by force: knocking to the sidelines or shooting from a weapon mounted on a wheelbarrow. Here is the list of the most impressive crazy car driving games for PC. Let’s rock!


Post-apocalyptic crazy car driving game with an open world, in-game mechanics more reminiscent of MMO on wheels. The main feature is the ability to create transport yourself from a large number of available parts, so, you can make a car unique in design and parameters. The game is free to play. You can download it by the link provided below:



The most realistic, spectacular and exciting game in this list of crazy car driving games for PC, allowing players to plunge into crazy, destructive races without any rules and restrictions. Only a thirst for speed, aggression and the desire for victory is welcome in this game!


Dirt: Showdown

A unique racing project within the Colin McRae Rally series, combining the features of arcade competitive racing and rally races. Of course, with the elements of crazy driving on the muddy roads, because there are no rules here, and how to achieve victory only player decides.


Burnout Paradise

One of the best among crazy car driving arcade racing, where in addition to cars, motorcycles also take part in races. Players will enjoy stunning graphics and incredible speeds, dozens of beautiful supercars and slow-mo destruction of the cars/takedowns.


FlatOut Series

A series of races with insanely fun driving, realistic physics, detailed damage and the ability to throw your driver out through the windshield.


Road Redemption

Crazy car driving game on motorbikes. Knock out enemies from the seats with bats, chains and even firearms! This game is a great tribute to old-style Road Rush gaming series available for Sega Megadrive and Playstation 1.


GRIP: Combat Racing

One of the best crazy car driving games for PC with a futuristic setting. Incredibly beautiful, breathtaking and distinctive rides along the delightful, picturesque tracks with a nice soundtrack.



Bizarre Creations arcade car racing in which the player can pick up various bonuses and use them against his rivals. Of course, nothing prevents the usual push to drop a competitor’s car into a ditch or direct it into an obstacle ahead. Very beautiful, dynamic and destructive races.

You can only buy it used for consoles (PS3/X360) or used game disk for PC. Sadly, but game unavailable for purchase in web stores like Steam or GOG.

Split / Second: Velocity

Arcade racing simulator from the creators of Burnout Paradise. The start of the game is pretty usual – choose a car in the garage, and after starting to try to overtake the opponent. However, this is a derby race – after the start of the race, for various maneuvers, you will accumulate points that can be spent on activating traps (blow up the gas tank and so on).

Besides, there are several types of traps – standard traps, and legendary that will impress you with the spectacle of what is happening and change the route on the highway. For example, you can bring down an entire dispatch tower, call a military helicopter or arrange a destructive rockfall. The dynamics of the gameplay in Split / Second rolls over, and I recommend playing this game not only to fans of the genre but also to all gamers! It is fun and addicting with high replay value.


Insane gaming series

Insane is a series of arcade racing. The developers focused on the physics of soft bodies, which was subsequently used in the project. This means that the body and suspension are very “sensitive” to shock and damage, and loosely attached parts can easily fly off (headlights, bumpers, and so on).

The following cars are available to choose from 4×4, pickups, sports, trucks, etc. Users can test cars for strength in a variety of modes: racing at control points, capture the flag, holding territory, and so on.

Insane is considered one of the best crazy car driving games in the genre, especially the first game of the series. The second, despite the excellent graphics, did not bring the proper pleasure from the gameplay (probably due to the change of developers).


Diesel guns

Multiplayer arcade game is similar to the legendary Twisted Metal. Sitting behind the wheel of a combat vehicle, the player will compete with other users, but the goal here is not to get to the finish line, but simply to survive. To eliminate rivals, you can use various cannons, rockets, machine guns and more, which will be attached to vehicles. Fast-paced matches on interactive exotic locations. Great game with great replay value.


Crash Wheels

Single arcade gameplay that focuses on a realistic model of car damage. Players are offered to have fun on 32 tracks and at a special crash test level. It doesn’t matter who comes to the finish line first – the main thing here is to survive. Moreover, damage to your car affects speed and control.

The game does not offer something grandiose – it is a simple, cheap and short arcade game with a uniform palette of colors, which, nevertheless, will surprise you with quick and exciting matches.


Carmageddon gaming series

The most scandalous series among all crazy car driving games for PC, known for its frenzy and cruelty. Shock, provocations and black humor are combined with incredibly dynamic rides, destruction, and fantastic fun.


Post Apocalyptic Mayhem

Racing on the background of impressive post-apocalyptic landscapes, the goal of which is to stay alive. Excellent damage and driving physics, a large selection of vehicles and weapons – in general, everything that’s required for the crazy car racing game.



A racing arcade game with huge speeds and crazy destruction! Players will enjoy seven unique modes (including Career and the multiplayer Hold the Flag, Transfer Bombs, and Dynamite Race) and an editor for creating your tracks.


Clutch (Armageddon Riders)

An arcade race, the action of which develops in the post-apocalyptic future. The explosion of the Large Hadron Collider destroyed or turned into a zombie a large part of the city, and the only way to escape from them is to hide in a car that is well-fortified and equipped with all kinds of gadgets.


Death Rally

Re-release of classic top-down arcade races from Remedy Entertainment. Players can expect deadly races on unique tracks (desert, city, snowy and icy roads, and so on), a large selection of weapons and cars, as well as an exciting career mode and multiplayer.


Death Track: Resurrection

Racing simulator, which takes place in the post-apocalyptic future. Cruel and bloody entertainment has become common here, and among them, the most popular is the Race for Survival. A deadly tournament with the best racers of the world, fighting on the routes of cities such as New York, Moscow, Paris, Prague, etc. Ten models of cars available for modernization, a great stack of weapons and high destructibility of the environment – all this is present here.


Sledgehammer (Gear Grinder)

Sledgehammer or Gear Grinder is a unique crazy car game for PC featuring heavy-armed trucks. The game has two modes that allow you to use either exclusive speed or available weapons and other improvements for your truck.


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