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Games like CSGO (Counter-Strike GO)

A selection of multiplayer shooters, the gameplay of which uses the same principle as games like CSGO, namely the confrontation between the two teams, as close as possible to modern military operations. So, here is the top list of games like CSGO.


This one will open our list of games like CSGO. A multiplayer free-to-play shooter with a large number of modes, maps, weapons and three fractions at once, but, unfortunately, with outdated graphics.

However, in Point Blank there is a character progression and customization system, a clan system, moreover, this shooter is an officially recognized e-sports discipline. Probably, Point Blank can be awarded the title of the oldest and most famous game similar to Counter-Strike.


A futuristic shareware shooter that takes place in the distant future, where a fierce war over resources has unleashed between two transnational corporations. Ironsight offers over a hundred customizable weapons, ample customization options and 14 combat zones with a multi-level landscape, great destructibility and numerous interactive objects.

But the main advantages of the game are beautiful modern graphics and rich gameplay, which became possible thanks to the use of Iron Engine. All sorts of drones and combat robots are also available in Ironsight game.

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Rainbow Six: Siege

A tactical multiplayer shooter from Ubisoft, this game series should be familiar to you. One of the best games in the genre, where in addition to dynamic shootouts, the competent use of tactical equipment and the use of the environment are important.

The environment here is characterized by a high level of destructibility, which also affects the course of the confrontation between the assault squad and the defenders. Tactical depth, realism, a large selection of weapons and equipment, and an emphasis on close teamwork made Rainbow Six: Siege so popular.

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Perhaps, in the list of games like CSGO, this is the most similar game in terms of gameplay to Counter-Strike, largely thanks to the Source engine, as well as the setting dedicated to the war in Iraq.

The main features of Insurgency are hardcore battles (lack of HUD, death from few shots, realistic ballistics), support for up to 32 people, 3 dozen maps, several cooperative modes and the ability to play with bots.

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A multiplayer shooter from Offworld Industries, the gameplay of which is based on mass battles using technology and the ability to build fortifications, while hundreds of players (50×50) can participate in it at the same time.

In the game, there are huge maps in size (almost like in PUBG) and a large selection of weapons. The Squad can best be described as a mixture of Counter-Strike and ArmA.

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Black squad

Another free multiplayer shooter about the confrontation between special forces and terrorists, which available now. In addition to being similar to CSGO, Black Squad attracts attention with its super-realistic graphics and excellent visual effects.

The main difference between Black Squad and other Counter-Strike-like games is the abundance of “honest” content: all items that affect the gameplay (weapons and equipment) can be purchased for game currency. For real money, only cosmetic effects are purchased.

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Day of Defeat: Source

A multiplayer shooter about the Second World War, offering a choice of several classes, as well as an impressive number of maps and modes.

The game uses Source technology, and for many, it will seem closer to Counter-Strike: Source than CSGO. In any case, the shooter is very good and worthy of mention in the list of games like CSGO.

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Dynamic multiplayer shooter, offering a choice of 7 classes of fighters, 80 types of weapons, 10 maps and 4 game modes.

Skins, competitive modes and much more available in the Ballistic Overkill game.

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Line of sight

A dynamic and entertaining free shooter from BlackSpot Entertainment, in which the developers tried to introduce several innovative mechanics (psionic abilities, a very detailed character editor and so on).

Despite the futuristic setting (the near future, powerful corporations, secret experiments on people and so on), Line of Sight is a game similar to CSGO. There is a large selection of weapons to be upgraded and configured, several dozen maps, a clan system, detailed statistics, and several game modes.

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Combat arms

An online shooter from Doobic Studios, distributed according to the free-to-play model. Combat Arms was released on PC in 2008 but remains a fairly popular project, especially among free multiplayer games like CS: GO. The shooter offers several traditional modes for the genre (Free for all, Capture the flag, Destruction), the action of which takes place on impressive maps.

Another advantage of Combat Arms is a large arsenal of weapons (more than 300 types), a lot of items of equipment that affect not only the appearance but also the characteristics of the fighter, as well as the presence of a clan system and several esports leagues.

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