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Games like Portal for PCs

I have compiled for you a selection of the best games like Portal, the popular puzzle platformer from Valve. No, Portal 2 is not represented on this list. Too obvious choice 😉.

Portal appeared as an experiment that Valve decided to sell in one set along with Half-Life 2 and Team Fortress 2, which was called The Orange Box. Despite all its experimentalism, the game has earned a great status and for a decade a bunch of its imitators was released, most of which did not even come close to the quality bar set by the brainchild of Valve. However, there are some honorable games like Portal and worth attention if you like the Portal game series.

Q.U.B.E 2

Q.U.B.E was a good puzzle, although it clearly showed the strong influence of Portal. The second part, when it saw the light, proved that it was more than just a game like portal; it has become one of the best puzzles not only on the PS4 but also on the PC, Mac and Xbox One.

The release of Q.U.B.E 2 took place on March 13, 2018, and, as it turned out, the sequel brought thoughtful changes to the original formula, expanding the player’s interaction with the environment when solving puzzles and reworking the basic mechanics. Unobtrusive training will appeal to both veterans and beginners alike, introducing them to an extensive library of tools.

However, the Portal is superior to Q.U.B.E 2 in a narrative way; in both parts of Portal, there is a fantastic plot, jokes from which have long been memes in the gaming community. Q.U.B.E 2 also tries to present its puzzles in the context of the plot, but it’s not so great in comparison to Portal. Puzzles are complex and exciting. If you liked Portal, be sure to try this game.



Youropa is also not shy about its game mechanics. And there is no doubt that this is an exceptional puzzle platformer with ingenious level design and interesting gameplay. Portal-style puzzles, coupled with mechanics that tie on gravity, generate quite familiar sensations, but at the same time, Youropa has enough personality to not consider it as an unprincipled clone.



This game was not listed because of puzzles, but because of its humor. Do not get me wrong, trying to open all of the seemingly endless endings in this game can be a daunting task, but in fact, very few games from this list can make the player laugh out loud, as Portal did.

The Stanley Parable knows that it is a game, and knows that you play it. The narrator leads you around the world – whether it is the path that he has chosen for you, or, on the contrary, would not want you to go along with it – and this forms an impression of the unique experience. Meta-things in the spirit of “well, you play a game” can lead to the opposite effect, but The Stanley Parable manages to avoid vulgarity and stay on top, generating heaps of jokes and a lot of funny situations. It is safe to say that the game has one of the best scenarios in the industry. You will surely laugh. And more. Do you like Portal? Do not miss The Stanley Parable.



Unlike Portal, in Antichamber the plot is not related to the experimental, but this game is so complex that you have to fully strain your convolutions, making your way through dazzling white corridors and deciphering clues. Involuntarily, you begin to feel like a rat in a cunning maze.

Antichamber is a breath of fresh air, new ideas combined with more traditional mechanics. Besides, they will give you weapons that can shoot with special blocks and remove objects from your path.

This game is a toughie, not at all suitable for an easy “relax in the evening”. Some puzzles will make you tear your hair out of despair, but if you solve them, you will experience euphoria familiar from the best moments of Portal.



Where to start? Perhaps the fact that playing The Talos Principle is pure pleasure. You will find carefully thought-out puzzles and philosophy. Honestly.

The game consists of puzzles and other work for your gray matter. The mechanics of The Talos Principle are closely related to narrative, and together they provide an opportunity to take a fresh look at the concepts of humanity and self-awareness.

The Talos Principle got on the list for two reasons: puzzles in the best traditions of Portal and, most importantly, the plot and its presentation, which do not let you go long after completing the game.

In 2020, a sequel is expected.


The Turing Test

The first-person puzzle game, which takes place in Europe, the satellite of Jupiter. The idea was based on the famous Turing empirical test proposed by Alan Turing. Managing a female engineer, the player will solve 70 puzzles, for which you need to make manipulations with energy. As in Portal, gamers need to either open the door or activate game elements that will lead to the exit.

In the process of the walkthrough, new mechanics will be opened for you (other types of energy balls, the ability to use mobile robots, surveillance cameras).

A great game that fans of Portal will enjoy.


Bridge Constructor Portal

This game is not so much like Portal – it’s hybrid with the Bridge Constructor puzzle. The player takes the role of a new employee of the Laboratory, who will explore the nature of the portals and solve dozens of interesting tasks. The essence of the mission is that the gamer must pave the way from one point to another, building bridges, ramps, and other objects. If the little men on the cart without incident get to the finish line – the puzzle is solved!

There are many familiar things from Portal. GLaDOS robots will help solve problems. Using the level editor, you can create your puzzles and share them with other players.



An adventure first-person puzzle whose creators do not hide that they were inspired by Portal, Metroid, and Zelda. Unlike other games, the hero has unique magical abilities that can be combined. He also has to fight with unfriendly creatures using various weapons.


The witness

Single-player puzzle with a large open world. No words – the game throws the gamer onto a beautiful, but the mysterious island, on which over 500 different puzzles of the “maze” type await him. Players will have to choose their path and explore the vastness of this place.

The main task is to find the way home. The main character does not remember how he ended up here. To restore his memory, as well as tell the story of the island, various signs, notes and other details will help.

A great game with several thousand “very positive reviews” on Steam.


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