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Games like PUBG (free and p2p)

Two months after the release, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds sold over 2 million copies and became the most popular shooter in the Battle Royale genre. But the battle royal genre does not live in a single PUBG. Exciting games have settled in the neighborhood with it. I want to present to you a list of the games like PUBG – a selection of projects in the format of a battle royal.


If you are looking for games similar to PUBG for low-end PCs, then this project is the most promising candidate. If you turn off new-fangled effects and reduce detail to a minimum, then the game will even start on the Mark-1 computer of 1944, which weighed 17 tons (just joking, it won’t :D). Fortnite: Battle Royale is really well optimized. At the same time, it cannot be said that the game looks bad – all the same, it is based on Unreal Engine 4. It’s just the graphics in it are cartoony, and therefore not demanding on hardware.

The project itself offers already familiar rules: a PUBG-like system, a gaming lobby where you can fool around before the match, and complete freedom of action within the space allocated for fun. We land on an island from a flying school bus, grab a huge ax in our hands and begin to survive to the best of our ability.

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April Fools’ Day joke from the developers of the MMO shooter Enlisted, which turned into a separate game, was released on Steam and received thousands of positive reviews.

Cuisine Royale offers players to go to the battlefield, where only one will survive. A peculiarity of the project was unusual equipment: the characters are protected from bullets by pans and colanders, because of which the action turns into a performance of half-naked people in suits that Tony Stark himself would envy. The gameplay of the Cuisine Royale is saturated with humor and recklessness, so even the defeat here is somehow harmless.

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Formally, H1Z1: King of the Kill is a survival simulator, but there is no need to scour the area in search of food and water. Players are thrown to the island with parachutes with their bare fists, after which, in fact, the main fun begins. Unlike Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, where other gamers are the only danger, in H1Z1 zombies are still in town – relics inherited from the original version of the game. The rules of survival are familiar – only one should remain alive. And how you will do it, nobody cares.

It’s not possible to sit back in the shelter, as a poisonous gas cloud gradually rolls onto the island, forcing gamers to pull together at one point on the map. The project does not offer anything new, but it is implemented at a high level, which attracts the attention of players.

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Running around the map looking for equipment is too boring. So, developers decided to make a mod for the original survival simulator ARK: Survival Evolved. Therefore, all the players in this game like in PUBG start at one point and immediately run to the central circle, within which boxes with spears, axes and other high-tech devices are scattered. If you’re lucky, and you grab some stick, then you can try to kill someone right away and level up a couple of useful skills. If not, we quietly move into the jungle and begin to camp and rat-tunneling :D. Actually, experienced gamers do this from the very beginning, since in the general dump the chances of survival tend to zero.

The war in the dome takes place in several modes. Of particular interest are the options with the confrontation of the tribes, aka team/squad battles. And to make the life of gamers even more fun, “evolutionary” events periodically happen in ARK: Survival of the Fittest: acid rains, mega-fog, Arctic monkeys (aggressive monkeys fall on each player’s head) and other surprises. And in the center of the map, bosses regularly appear a dragon, a spider and a huge gorilla, which you can tame.

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In this analog of PUBG, the regular bombing of random zones occurs, from which it is better to get out for good health, and then the notorious circle appears, forcing players to move towards each other. Skirmishes here usually take place in a sniper format due to the solid size of the map, and only at the end of the race does a severe battle action begin.

The game was created on the original ArmA 3 engine, so it’s not suitable for low-end PCs, to put it mildly. But owners of powerful computers can enjoy gorgeous views and ballistics worked out to the smallest detail. In order to play this mod, you need to buy the original version of ArmA 3, which on Steam costs as much as $40. Not the cheapest entertainment, but well-made enough.

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Motor Wars is a competitive mode in GTA Online. Gamers, arriving in the landing zone with a parachute, must look for weapons and explosives and confront each other. Gradually, the selected area narrows, which prompts players to increasingly meet with each other.

But the goal of the mode is slightly different from what is presented in PUBG. Here you need to take possession of transport as quickly as possible and capture all the objects presented. Cars are equipped with weapons, and over time the match turns into a kind of Crossout or Twisted Metal. The game mode is designed for four teams, so it is better to play it with friends!

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The game from Respawn Entertainment (the creators of Titanfall) in the genre of battle royale, which not only uses PUBG’s achievements but also introduces many unique mechanics. For example, battles here take place exclusively in teams of three people, and users can choose heroes with unique abilities. Skirmishes take place on a small map with an abundance of objects and buildings. If a team member has died, he can be resurrected through the lighthouses of rebirth.

And that’s not all: Apex Legends has “smart inventory”, modern graphics, the ability to change the look of the character (moar skins :D). A great game, similar to PUBG, which I recommend playing to those who are tired of the template battle royales.

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The online recession in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive provoked developers to take extreme measures, namely, to introduce a battle royale mode called Danger Zone. The player alone or in a team with friends will survive on small maps. With only a knife in the arsenal, you have to get weapons, armor, and explosives and try to kill all opponents. As in PUBG, the safe zone is gradually narrowing, provoking gamers to battle with each other.

Danger Zone has a place to be – if you are tired of matches in CS: GO, you can distract a bit in a Danger Zone. Matches are short-lived (especially if you are killed first) and are sufficiently re-playable.

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Another great candidate for the title of A game like PUBG, which offers its own unique mechanics. For example, in a game, you can use hooks, gliders, and bicycles to quickly move around a location. Previously, there were snowboards on the winter map, but, unfortunately, devs decided to remove it.

The local movement system is similar to the one presented in the Attack on Titan anime. Thanks to this, the dynamics of battles increases significantly, and you can completely escape from the battlefield if things get dirty :D.

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Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds mobile clone, which received a separate client for the PC. It is distinguished by its ardent borrowing of PUBG features, which even led to litigation between PUBG Corporation and Tencent: the authors of the popularizing Battle Royale genre of the shooter believe that stealing the famous phrase Winner Winner Chicken Dinner is not very ethical.

Knives Out is a typical clone – if you played PUBG, then this project will not be able to surprise you with anything. Unless ugly graphics (mobile heritage affects). On the other hand, the game at the same time puts forward ridiculous requirements for the configuration of the computer, so that owners of low-end PCs will only be happy with this fact.

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Unusual Battle Royale game, in which players are participants in a reality show with a single winner – the one who survives. This game is less large-scale in comparison with PUBG and Fortnite (only 10 participants on one map), but no less stressful: it is important not only to get rid of your opponents but also not to die yourself – the action of the show takes place in a snowy area, so a careless gamer runs the risk of freezing to death without ever meeting his enemies.

Another feature of the Darwin Project is the Director – a separate player who is invisibly present in the match and constantly throws up new challenges to the participants. It can help (for example, treat a wounded character) or hurt (for example, highlight all the players on the map) – in general, this game has a fun factor in it. The presence of the Director significantly diversifies the gameplay of the project, making it more unpredictable.

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Hunt: Showdown

Another Battle Royale with an unusual concept. This time, gamers act as hunters who hunt down dangerous monsters somewhere in the swamps of Louisiana. The match involves 5 teams of 2 players, and only one can win among them. Therefore, it’s not the monsters, but the people who become the main enemy: here each team conducts a double hunt, and sometimes it is better to give the boss to the rivals to tear to pieces, then to trap them in ambush and crush them into pieces.

The unique gloomy atmosphere of the 19th century American outback fits perfectly with such unusual gameplay, due to which Hunt: Showdown turns into a very stylish Battle Royale mixed with horror.

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If your virtual reality device is idling, then STAND OUT: VR Battle Royale will help you to shake the dust from the VR headset. This is a very standard Royal Battle, but in VR: now you can hide somewhere under the bush the whole match with an even greater effect of presence. And everything is as realistic as possible – even the weapon will have to be reloaded with your own hands, and not with the press of a single button.

Of course, not everything in STAND OUT: VR Battle Royale is perfect: the graphics is rather weak, the sound is in some places jarring, sometimes control works incorrectly. But for the opportunity to watch PUBG in virtual reality – you can forgive many shortcomings.

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An attempt (a very successful one) by the developers of the MOBA action Paladins to create their own Battle Royale. The game was originally presented as one of the Paladins modes, but soon the authors decided to develop it as a separate project.

It differs from its competitors in the Battle Royale genre in the presence of several character classes with unique abilities, roles on the battlefield and equipment, a weapon crafting system, and the ability to summon a personal mount at any time and cross half a map in a few seconds. Of course, the fantasy setting looks pretty fresh against the backdrop of realistic and futuristic Battle Royales.

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Rules of Survival

Another mobile clone of Playerunknown`s Battlegrounds from the Chinese, which have received a client for PC. It differs from the ideological mastermind by a large number of participants in the match – 300 people, as well as an impressive variety of weapons, vehicles, and gadgets.

Considering from which platforms the Rules of Survival platform came to PC, you should not worry about the system requirements of the game – acceptable performance is guaranteed even by potato PCs.

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Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale

Battle Royale, which differs from its competitors in its setting: here the action takes place in a futuristic world so that the heroes have at their disposal the appropriate weapons and equipment, including reconnaissance and combat drones, power shields, jetpacks and so on.

Another distinguishing feature of the Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale is its excellent graphics: Unreal Engine 4 is responsible for the local beauty, which in capable hands can produce an amazing picture. The rest of the game is a typical Battle Royale with hundreds of players on the battlefield.

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The Swordsmen X

The Royal Battle comes from the Middle Kingdom: here players will travel to the Chinese Middle Ages and fight each other, using arms and legs, swords and spears as weapons, horses and primitive paragliders as vehicles. The map is gradually filled with poisonous smoke, and the match ends when the last surviving character remains on the battlefield.

The Swordsmen X looks very interesting thanks to its setting, demonstrating a fresh look at the familiar mechanics of the Battle Royale genre. The game focuses on close combat, so you will have to more often converge with enemy face to face. Well, beautiful graphics, combined with a unique oriental atmosphere will give you a lot of amazing landscapes that you can admire in the rare seconds of rest from battles.

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Fractured lands

Battle Royale in the world of Mad Max, a game where transport is considered almost more important than weapons. A footed player will become easy prey for an opponent who has already acquired wheels, so after landing on the map you need to run to the parking lot as quickly as possible and jump over the steering wheel.

In addition to furious gameplay, colorful explosions, and stunning apocalyptic landscapes, Fractured Lands boasts detailed car customization. Transport can be hung with armor and spikes, equipped with nitrous oxide and rockets, turned into a real fortress on wheels.

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Fear the wolves

Battle Royale game from the Ukrainian studio Vostok Games. Without completing Survarium, game devs embarked on a new project, trying to saddle modern trends. This time the game has a publisher in the face of Focus Home Interactive, which, I hope, will monitor the development process and regularly kick the authors, forcing to release patches and content updates. So far, however, having a publisher does not help much: the shooter is full of bugs and depressing with poor optimization.

Fear the Wolves sends players to the Chernobyl zone, where they will have to fight with each other, mutant animals, radiation, anomalies, weather, and other troubles. Those who find good equipment faster than others (like a radiation protection suit) will be able to live a little longer to die in the final battle in a dramatic race for an evacuation helicopter.

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A game that differs from its competitors in a smaller scale of events: here only 30 people leave on the battlefield, and the map area is 25 square kilometers.

However, the bias in chamberness had a positive effect on the dynamics of battles: such a small location literally shoots right through, so players have to face opponents every minute. Of the other features of RAMS, it is worth noting that each participant has their own shelter, a large selection of weapons, equipment, and gadgets, as well as a flexible progression system.

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Battlerite Royale

Battle Royale, separated from the Battlerite MOBA and adopted some of its features. So, in addition to the obvious fantasy setting and top view, the game uses champions – heroes with unique abilities that help them in battles.

The rest of the Battlerite Royale follows the basic principles of the genre: the battle in the “all against all” format, the study of the map in search of auxiliary items (here it is potions, spells, traps, and special equipment), a gradually compressible area that drives participants to the center of the location, unpredictability of the gameplay.

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The next game of the annual series of shooters, this time having lost a single-player campaign, but then received a new Blackout mode, which represents the Battle Royale game mode.

Moreover, the battle in it turned out to be epic: characters from previous games of the series of Black Ops participate in the matches, various vehicles are scattered on the map, and in the houses, you can find not only weapons and equipment but also bloodthirsty zombies. All this is complemented by dynamic gameplay and the constant generation of the most unimaginable gaming situations, as a result of which Black Ops 4 has already been christened the PUBG killer (however, it’s not :D).

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These are the games like PUBG that I’ve played, let me know in the comments maybe I have missed something interesting. If you are interested in another game genre, you can take a look at best RPGs of all time which is great to play on low-end PCs.

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