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Most anticipated FPS games of 2020

2020 promises to be generous with many video games for PCs, current-generation consoles, and new platforms from Sony and Microsoft. I have already marked interesting releases on my calendar, and if you are waiting for any cool first-person shooters, let me help you with that.

I have selected a number of the best and most anticipated games of this genre, which will be released in 2020. As usual, I will try to update this article as new shooters will be announced (E3 is coming, probably we will have more FPS announcements in near future), so be sure to bookmark this page to periodically check and see if something new has appeared here.


Developer: Croteam

Publisher: Devolver Digital

Platform: PC

Release Date: Not Announced Yet

Cooperative: local and network

Competitive multiplayer: not announced

The Serious Sam series is about to get the fourth part. The game was announced back in 2014, but work on it for a full-fledged entry into the market is still in the process. Like the previous games in the series, it will be an arcade first-person shooter, at the moment, developers from Croteam have not revealed many details.

With that said, they try to create a fairly ambitious game and work to fit on the screen hundreds of thousands of enemies with which the player can fight. And although this may not reach the final version, there are apparently no limits to what developers will try to implement in Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass.


Developer: CD Projekt Red

Publisher: CD Projekt Red

Platforms: PC, PS4, XBO

Release Date: September 17, 2020

Co-op: no

Competitive multiplayer: will be added after the release

Cyberpunk 2077 is definitely one of the most anticipated video games of 2020. A new world of the distant future from the developers of the Witcher series. Mankind relies on various implants, and our hero is a mercenary in this gloomy and unjust world. Here, life itself makes one interrupt casual earnings and gain a reputation on the streets in order to get a more serious and well-paid job. But do not forget that in Cyberpunk 2077 your behavior and decisions will be reflected in many different endings (at the moment developers told that game will have at least 7 different endings).

First of all, this is an RPG, but from the point of view of the mechanics of battle, Cyberpunk 2077 is a first-person shooter, and if you have not seen an almost hour-long gameplay video of the game, you have lost a lot. If you still haven’t pre-ordered the game, I’m sure it worth buying on the first day after the release, and I’m sure that many gamers around the world are going to do the same.


Developer: 343 Industries

Publisher: Microsoft

Platforms: PC, XBO

Release Date: Not Announced

Co-op: not announced

Competitive multiplayer: not announced (this one will be in-game for sure)

I can’t share with you any details about Halo: Infinite, because at the moment almost nothing is known about the game. This will be the next part of the main Halo series, which will continue the story of the Master Chief. A small teaser was shown at E3 2018, and since then the development team from 343 Industries has not provided any information about what gamers should expect.

So it was until E3 2019, where we again out of the corner of our eyes saw Master Chief hovering in space before waking up to help save humanity. Most likely, some important news and gameplay of the game will be presented only at E3 2020, but for now, we can only closely monitor any bits of information that developers or Microsoft decide to share.


Developer: V1 Interactive

Publisher: Private Division

Platforms: PC, PS4, XBO

Release Date: 2020

Co-op: not announced

Competitive Multiplayer: Yes

Disintegration is a very interesting game. This is a sci-fi first-person shooter created by Marcus Leto, who participated in the development of the Halo series. The player will become a pilot of a high-tech robotic tank and fight with other pilots and infantry. As for the infantry, you will also have your own soldiers subordinate, this will be a shooter with elements of real-time strategy.

Despite the fact that the game is mainly focused on battles and PvP, it will also have a single-player storyline campaign. The gameplay is somewhat reminiscent of Titanfall 2, but how everything will turn out in the end, we will see only after the release of the game, scheduled for 2020.


Developer: Microids

Publisher: Microids

Platforms: PC, NS, PS4, XBO

Release Date: 2020

Co-op: no

Competitive multiplayer: not announced

Remember XIII? The shooter from distant 2003 for PlayStation 2, PC, Xbox and GameCube became a hit and gained a lot of fans, but left a feeling of incompleteness with its open finale. Although a sequel was planned it never saw the light, now a remake awaits us. Its release was scheduled for November 2019 but then release date was moved to 2020.

In short, your character has lost his memory and is suspected of killing the President of the United States of America. And since you do not remember anything about previous events, during your adventures you have to find out what happened and potentially prove your innocence.


Developer: Smilegate

Publisher: Xbox Game Studios

Platform: XBO

Release Date: 2020

Co-op: not announced

Competitive Multiplayer: Yes

Crossfire is Asia’s popular free-to-play first-person shooter that will be re-released on the Xbox One (and probably Series X as well) in 2020. The game, called Crossfire X, will remain virtually unchanged – players will be divided into two fractions in different game modes. Most likely, we are waiting for significant improvement in graphics, it is also known that the game will also have a story campaign.

I don’t know what this story will be about, but Smilegate works with Remedy Entertainment to create the campaign. The gameplay has not yet been presented, and I’m looking forward to it in order to understand what to expect from the upcoming release. The first trailer, however, is pretty neat.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Quarantine

Developer: Ubisoft

Publisher: Ubisoft

Platforms: PS4, XBO, PC

Release Date: 2020

Co-op: network up to 3 players

Competitive multiplayer: not announced

The Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six series is a popular tactical shooter where the player confronts a variety of terrorist organizations. In 2020, we are waiting for a new game in series, which should present a unique vision of the series. Instead of typical terrorist attacks, players will face the threat of a virus. So far, only one small teaser of the game has been presented – cinematic, without gameplay.

From what I know at the moment, players will work in teams, fighting with some infected ones. Apparently, here somehow you have to save those who were hit by the virus. The game is often compared to Operation Chimera, an event from Rainbow Six Siege. At the moment, it is planned to release at the end of 2020 on the platforms of the current generation.

Overwatch 2

Developer: Blizzard Entertainment

Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment

Platforms: not announced

Release Date: Not Announced

Co-op: Network

Competitive Multiplayer: Network

Heroic shooters have been around for quite some time, but it was Overwatch that set the bar for the genre. Blizzard Entertainment managed to create a game where teams of heroes fought together as a team. Due to the wide variety of characters with unique abilities, the game attracted many newcomers and veterans of the competitive FPS genre.

The first game was released in 2016, and in 2019 Overwatch 2 was announced. But this will not be a completely new game, but a kind of update. Players are waiting for new characters and game modes. And the best thing is that everyone who has the first Overwatch all additions and improvements except for the campaign mode, which will be available for the owner of Overwatch 2. Unfortunately, even an approximate release time has not yet been announced, so in 2020 the game may not see the light.


Developer: id Software

Publisher: Bethesda Softworks

Platforms: PC, PS4, XBO

Release Date: March 20, 2020

Co-op: no

Competitive Multiplayer: Yes

After rebooting Doom in 2016, it immediately became a hit. The player again found himself in the shoes of the Doom Guy, fighting demons in Hell. The game was insanely dynamic and intense, and it seemed that the main character was able to cope with any demon in his path. Now, thanks to the Bethesda press conference at E3 2019, we know that a sequel is being developed.

The game will continue the events of the first game, after which the forces of Hell arrived on Earth. The Doom Guy again has to defeat countless demons in order to save humanity from imminent death. In the gameplay video.

While you are waiting for the upcoming FPS games of 2020, you can check the list of best PS4 shooter games.

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