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The best zombie shooter games you can play in 2020

For more than half a century, the world has been obsessed with the living dead (actually I can’t understand this passion by this day). Their ulcerated flesh, rotten teeth and a mysterious obsession with brains have provided them with a constant presence in the game worlds, from Left 4 Dead to Dead Rising. Now, this genre has millions of loyal fans across consoles and PCs. There are so many zombie games that it’s no wonder that one becomes discouraged by the seemingly simple question: “Which zombie shooter games are the best?”. I have made a compilation of the best zombie games you can play in 2020.


Despite the unimaginable number of innovations and years of technological progress, the 2009 masterpiece Left 4 Dead 2 remains the king of zombie shooters. Four strangers brought together by fate itself, must pave their way to salvation through the endless hordes of the dead who flooded the city.

Dynamic gameplay, unique enemies and perfect controls make L4D utterly superior to all other zombie games on the market. Every match here is brutal and evokes evil joy in the soul, and the untimely death of the next boss becomes an occasion for a small holiday. Want action and adrenaline, gut blood and tension to tremble in your fingers? I have one answer for you – Left 4 Dead 2. There is no other better zombie shooter game than Left 4 Dead. You can play it solo and with friends. Moreover, thanks to the Steam Workshop you will have a near unlimited number of additional campaigns for Coop play with your friends.

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The sequel to the original game from Tripwire brought the fight against zombies and mutants to a whole new level. The biotechnological company’s plan to create battle clones has failed, and now players are forced to confront crowds of enemies, trying to save the world through the genocide of creatures.

To date, Killing Floor 2 is one of the best zombie game shooters, dynamic and adrenaline, with a bunch of types of enemies and an exorbitant amount of blood and cruelty. Such a combination constantly generates wonderful impressions of the game, turning the destruction of undead hordes into a pleasant pastime.

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One of the few games in The Walking Dead universe, which was able to pleasantly surprise the audience. This is a VR shooter in which a gamer immerses himself in a post-apocalyptic world and tries to survive. There is a full storyline, the development of which is interesting to follow, even if the user is not a fan of The Walking Dead (like me, yeah I’m one of those people who don’t like the Walking Dead show).

All VR games need to have perfectly-made mechanics of interaction (combat system, handling of weapons, the ability to pick up almost any item). And The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners boasts more than that: gamers also have access to crafting, leveling and their own base, which can improve in the future. However, this game is a complete opposite to the previous two titles. Here you will not be able to demolish hordes of enemies, because even a couple of undead can eat you alive.

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Arizona Sunshine is a VR shooter for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR. You will find an incomparable world of zombies and madness, where you can shoot, grab, move. To date, it is games like Arizona Sunshine that offer the most intense and exciting battles with the living dead, thanks to the maximum immersion in the virtual world.

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Despite simple graphics components, similar to Minecraft, the Unturned game is unexpectedly deeply thought out: it has several game modes that can challenge the survival skills in the zombie apocalypse.

An unusual fighting animation and, for example, blots of bright blood, scattering to the sides during the murder of every dead man, add charm to this zombie game. A non-standard approach to the topic is quite enough to captivate the player for a decent time, not to mention the fact that the game is very well made.

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The game is based on the original Walking Dead comic book series, and gamers will have to walk through the empty streets of Washington, where death lurks around every corner. Having retained many features of the Payday series, which has been praised by critics and gamers, OTWD still pays a lot of attention to what is really expected of it – a bloody bath for the living dead.

Every shot, every blow feels incredibly cruel and ferocious, which, in general, fits perfectly into such a harsh thing as a zombie apocalypse.

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GTFO is not zombie-related (well, so-so), but it must be tried at least once. A cooperative shooter with explosive action and focus on teamwork, which will be released later this year (but you already can play it, GTFO available in Early Access). Four players will have to clean up the underground labyrinth inhabited by terrible creatures in order to extract priceless artifacts from it.

GTFO succeeds in a field where many zombies and monster games fail – the sound. The rattle of metal, accompanied by distant screams of monsters, creates an indescribable depressing atmosphere. The arising feeling of fear only strengthens the desire to smash the local creatures to shreds, shutting their roaring mouths with a handful of bullets.

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The new creation of the Crytek studio can not be called a typical game about zombies, although it perfectly managed to catch all the tension, horror and energy of the genre. You are one of the hunters looking for prey in the form of ferocious and deadly monsters. But be careful, other mercenaries can steal your prize as well as your life.

Since Crysis, the studio has been famous for its graphics in games, and Hunt: Showdown has not receded from this tradition, giving out one of the most impressive pictures on this generation of consoles. Adding teams of other players to the matches will pleasantly diversify the game, forcing everyone to compete in the pursuit of deadly loot.

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Throwing players into the post-apocalyptic version of Arizona, 7 Days to Die brings OpenWorld zombie games to a new level. Look for supplies, build a shelter, craft weapons and try to repulse the endless horde of the dead, roaming the wasteland. Every day the horde is becoming stronger, larger and more aggressive.

New players will appreciate the feeling that arises when a zombie falls under your feet from a blow from the weapon created by your hands. And veterans will be able to craft ingenious traps and powerful fortifications that can delay or even stop the horde. As a result, we have a fascinating and potentially endless gameplay experience that will not leave any gamer indifferent.

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Initially, No More Room in Hell existed as a mod for Half-Life, authored by Max Keysan, but later the game became independent and even acquired the status of a classic. Alone or together with friends, you have to fight off the hordes of the dead in a post-apocalyptic world that perfectly matches the name of the game.

The interface contains a minimum of hints, and only chilling screams indicate the way for the players. Dozens of weapons provide fun for many hours to come. So, grab a bigger gun and knock out the door – the zombies won’t kill themselves :D!

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The 7th game in the legendary Capcom franchise was released in 2017. The player gets the role of Ethan Winters, who searches a zombie-infested estate for his missing wife. During battles with indefatigable enemies, including inhumanly regenerating Jack Baker and his family members, the dynamic action is inferior to the horror.

Combining fascinating stealth sections with a wide variety of weapons, Resident Evil 7 creates a great atmosphere of the good old horror with the undead.

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A third-person team-shooter is similar to Left 4 Dead. Based on the World War Z movie, and, as in the film, here you will see huge hordes of fast undead, able to stray together and demolish everything in its path. Players have to visit various cities: New York, Jerusalem, Moscow, Tokyo, and others.

The essence of the game comes down to team survival against the army of the walking dead. Players can choose one of 6 character classes (Medic, Shooter, Demoman, Techie, Executioner, Fighter) and use various weapons and means of survival (for example, explosives, shelters and so on). Get ready for the continuous extermination of zombies and powerful mutants!

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