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The most popular MMORPGs as of 2020

The MMORPG genre is going through hard times. The game world has become more dynamic and mobile, leaving less time for a long leveling of characters. But over the past years, a sufficient number of representatives of the genre appeared, many of which have achieved popularity and recognition of players.

Why do some most popular MMORPG games fall into oblivion, while others are visible from afar after decades? Most likely, everyone will have an answer to this. Some will argue about the quality of the product, the second will say about the lack of advertising or its implementation. However, despite the widespread failure of many new MMORPGs, there are many games on the market that remain in demand to this day.


Unsurpassed in terms of popularity, the great World of Warcraft is still at the top of the MMORPG genre. Neither outdated graphics, nor a full-fledged subscription system, nor constant restructuring of the game balance interferes with this.

Blizzard’s creation, a long time ago that set the fashion for mass network games, is still alive all the living. None of the newcomers could get to the cherished numbers of one-time online, which flaunts WoW. There are several reasons for this. And the world beloved by the players, and the gameplay familiar to Western players, focused on dungeons and quests. And all this is crowned with Blizzard quality, seasoned with Activision’s budget. It is not known how long the reign of the titan will last, but one can be sure that his death will not be quick.

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As if years of dominance for Blizzard were not enough, the company also consolidated it, fulfilling the long-held dream of many fans – the long-awaited return of Vanilla World of Warcraft as it was back at game’s initial release. The classic version, launched in the fall of 2019, at the start broke all possible tops and records. The servers could not hold, people were drowning in queues for hours.

In fact, in this version of the game, the modern player will have a hard time. Slow leveling, lack of money, long trips and slow movement. All this awaits those who dare to set foot on the expanses of Azeroth, which has not yet survived many tragic moments. WoW: Classic is a really great way to go back in time. But only if you are really ready for this.

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The appearance of the TES as an online game was only a matter of time. And relatively recently, the long-awaited phenomenon has happened. This allowed fans of the famous universe to tread together the favorite trails of Skyrim and Morrowind. Although the Elder Scrolls Online has not become the most popular MMORPG in the world, it is safe to say that it takes the second place among the classical representatives of the genre.

In short, the game itself is a hybrid of Skyrim and World of Warcraft. There is a full-fledged epic story at the same level as the main series, as well as many activities for a joint game. Dungeons, world bosses, PvP for the capital of the empire and much more available in TES Online.

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Guild Wars 2 is one of the most successful attempts to encroach on the throne of World of Warcraft. And although the throne remained in its place, this Western type MMORPG gained considerable popularity. ArenaNet developers managed to dilute the familiar with fresh ideas, which allows the game to be successful for a long time.

For example, most quests in the game do not even need to start at NPCs. Instead, the players, exploring the open world, simply help each other, seamlessly connecting to the already in-progress tasks. The combat system is also an interesting hybrid of Target and Non-Target, skills depend not only on the class but also on the weapon. In general, Guild Wars 2 is a very strong and interesting project.

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If for the sake of Black Desert people were ready to update their PCs, then for the sake of Blade & Soul many were going to learn Korean. The thing is that this creation of NCSoft for a very long time was available only in its native language. Today, of course, the game has already been released in English and it will boost the popularity of the game for sure.

The strong point of the game is the combat system and martial arts. It’s very unusual to see something like this in the MMORPG genre.

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Black Desert has become the boiling point of the Korean MMORPG revival expectation. After Tera and ArcheAge, this game bore the title of the last hope of the genre.

Black Desert is the flagship of the latest MMORPG. This popularity of the game helps to keep the picture breathtaking for the genre, the long-awaited free PvP, and the open world. The cherry on the cake is one of the best Non-Target combat systems, which even single player slashers can envy.

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Talking about the popularity of Final Fantasy is like talking about what an iPhone or Tesla is. The originally released Final Fantasy 14 turned out to be of such a quality that far from corresponded to the eminent series. As a result, the authors of the game restarted it, assigning the subtitle A Realm Reborn to the name. And the existence of the old world was stopped in a rather epic way, dropping a meteorite at it. Now the game pleases players with a unique colorful world, a unique class system and the atmosphere of an Asian fairy tale.

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In addition to the famous world, Neverwinter offers a high-quality and dynamic Non-Target combat system. The level of its performance also did not disappoint, and therefore it is surprisingly pleasant to fight with swords and fireballs. The core of the gameplay is not built on the study of the open-world but on the completion of quests. Often, they are accompanied by an interesting plot background, which is a pleasure to play with friends.

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The name RuneScape says little to some players. However, this hybrid MMORPG, working both in the browser and in the form of a client, is quite popular. This fact is confirmed by the fact that this creation of Jagex was lucky enough to visit the Guinness Book of Records twice. Agree, not every game can boast of such.

Describing any differences between RuneScape and modern games is very difficult. And all because at the time of the release of the first versions, the authors had to be almost pioneers in the MMORPG genre. Therefore, in fact, the game is a standard set of leveling, crafts, PvE and PvP. However, this does not prevent this world from continuing to this day, delighting players.

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Destiny 2

Destiny 2 moved beyond the main list of popular MMORPGs. This happened because, even in contrast to The Division, the shooter part here prevails more strongly. Nevertheless, in this list there is a place for Destiny 2 and this place is well deserved. A project of this level is naturally doomed to become noticeable and attractive to many gamers. Whether it passes the test of time, we will find out later, but so far, the game is shining brightly and noticeably.

Destiny 2, like the first game, is a mixture of shooter and MMORPG. There are raids, classes, and even an epic storyline that continues the development of the early history that began. In addition, in comparison with its predecessor, both the combat and role-playing systems have become deeper and more interesting.

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Of course, the list is not complete, because there are still a lot of MMORPGs on the market. Offhand you can recall Lineage 2, EVE Online, Runes of Magic, etc. But the trick is that all these games are more famous than popular. While our list is pretty relevant for today. You can be sure that in these games you will not get bored for sure. Also, if you are interested in other games, such as crazy car driving games, you can check this article as well.

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