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Bethesda unveils Fallout 76 development strategy for 2020

The first season in Fallout 76 starts already this summer – simultaneously with the release of Update 20.

With the advent of the seasons, a new development system will be added to the game, tied not to the character, but to the account. Together with it, the test system will radically change, so players can earn many new rewards. The seasons will be accessible to all players and will offer a new unified development system that will allow you to get dozens of new unique rewards – items for C.A.M.P., atoms, colors for power armor, consumables, sets of ability cards and much more. The seasons will last 10 weeks with two-week breaks between them.

Unlike the old system, which encouraged players to perform daily and weekly tests with atoms, the new system rewards S.C.O.R.E. points, which will influence the overall progress during the season and will open new rewards. This should make the game much more fun for all types of players.

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