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Black Sun update for Cuisine Royale

It added spectacular rituals to the game, as well as a new character – the daring queen of bikers.

The new Flood and Eclipse rituals affect the entire map and force fighters to adapt to dramatically changing conditions. A real-time flood floods the area, luring out players hiding in buildings and bunkers. The ritual can be repeated several times to prevent water from leaving. An eclipse temporarily immerses the location in darkness, allows you to escape from the chase, or, conversely, sneak up on the enemy imperceptibly.

The new cuisine Royale heroine named Val “Viper” Chase is the leader of the Black Sun biker club. Her superpower Shimmering Walk – instant movement in space. A few such “walks”- and Val is already behind enemy lines and puts a bullet in the back of her enemy. Finally, the arsenal is expanded in the update: Erma EMP (German submachine gun of the late 30s) and Mauser C96 Mod models appeared in the store. 712 (modification of the Mauser pistol, capable of firing bursts) and others. More update details – here.

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