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Chernobylite has become “50% larger” with a new update

The Old Friend update in Chernobylite is the biggest since the release of the game itself since it got to the Steam Early Access. It adds several new quests and events to the Chernobylite game, new opportunities for crafting, fixes some errors/bugs, and also optimizes the work of the game client – in particular, the speed of game loading. In addition, players now have the opportunity to choose the duration of the walktrough limit, and the principle of Adrenaline has been changed towards simplifying the game process of Chernobylite.

The new update content makes Chernobylite 50% more than at the start. You can find more details about the Chernobylite Old Friend update found here.

Chernobylite Old Friend update came out on February 5th, but I had chance to try it only few hours ago :D.

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