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Free racing games for PC on Steam

Do you know there are free racing games for PC on Steam platform? There are a great number of indie games where you can steer with double enthusiasm, and for this you will not pay a single dollar. Here is my top list of free racing games in Steam.


Who has not heard of Crossout? This is a crazy post-apocalyptic online action in which you are the master of everything. Here you can safely assemble an armored car from several parts according to your own design.

Armageddon has already occurred in the world, and the peoples of the Earth are divided into many warring clans. Take the details, create a great car in the style of Mad Max and destroy your opponents! Fight armies of vile enemies in hot multiplayer battles.

Download Steam game here

Raceroom Racing Experience

RaceRoom is a very beautiful in terms of visuals and completely free racing simulator for PC available in Steam. You can find the wide variety of racing events in this game. Just turn on the RaceRoom and feel like a cool racer at the Habsburg-Lorraine level!

Sounds, appearance, thrills – all this is combined into something that is a real high-quality product. Whether you only play free content or buy DLCs, there is no doubt that this product is worth trying.

Download Raceroom on Steam here

Trackmania: Nations Forever

Free and high-quality game from the Nadeo company. Published by Ubisoft in 2008. TrackMania Nations Forever allows you to ride at crazy speeds and compete with really dangerous rivals.

There are more than 70 racing tracks, on which the whole ruthless battle of cars will take place. The game supports both single and multiplayer modes. It is worth paying attention to the in-game editor, added specifically to create your own tracks. There is also a video studio for creating interesting videos on the game.

Download Trackmania Nations Forever here

Copa Petrobras De Marcas – one of the best among free racing games

COPA PETROBRAS DE MARCAS – spectacular Brazilian races that are available to us absolutely for free. Even in the vastness of South America there are talented gamemakers, who gave us this invaluable masterpiece. This game is full of thrill from the competition, full of high-quality 3D-models of cars and excellent locations.

The game has a lot of cool cars that will become reliable partners for all virtual racers. Thanks to this game, we have access to many cars from various modern manufacturers. And the tracks are mainly devoted to the regions of Brazil, such as Interlagos, Curitiba and Goania.

Download Copa Petronras De Marcas for free here

Heavy Metal Machines

Heavy Metal Machines is a very dynamic and free Twisted Metal-style game, though not with such high-quality graphics as Crossout. This game also has the vast post-apocalyptic world. And all this in the surroundings of heavy metal. A bit reminiscent of the atmosphere of the well-known Brutal Legend game.

Fight with enemies to be spectacular and furious. Step on the gas and destroy everything that stands in your way. Join the multiplayer community, think over a strategy and fight with rivals in the giant arenas of a dying planet.

Download Heavy Metal Machines on Steam here

Racing Classics: Drug Race Simulator

Looking for a game where you can ride the legendary classic cars? Racing Classics has the best quality and beautiful cars of the turbulent 80s and earlier years.

Get the most out of every car in the cult style of the 70s and 80s and test their original performance in classic racing on equal terms! Try to overcome all kinds of rivals and prove that old cars are far from a pile of scrap metal.

Download Racing Classics for free here

Racer Simulator

Racer Simulator is a 3D racing game with many interesting maps and vehicles to choose from. This game was created using the Unreal Engine 4. You can arrange an excellent rally and compete with opponents.

You can play against AI, as well as against other players. A lot of cool cars that will please even experienced veterans of racing games.

Play it free on Steam

Beyond Shattered Isles

The planet is dying, but this does not mean that there is no place for dashing racers. In this 3D first-person platformer, the player literally rushes through the sky, trying to break records and send his opponents to the far corners of the universe. The game is completely free, so you do not need to pay anything to play this game.

Only the fastest riders will show the best result in the final of races!

Download Beyond Shattered Isles for free here

Marbles on Stream

Despite that this is not a racing game, or game of any other genre, Marbles on Stream is a very interesting game, which was created especially for fans to stream. Marbles presents a great opportunity to show yourself to the fullest. This game is absolutely free and incredibly easy to learn.

There are several modes game modes – Racing, Royal, Grand Prix, Tournament and Generator. Race mode is a normal match between players. In the Grand Prix, you can select from 2 to 16 tracks to go through them and compete for points at the end. The one who scores the most points is a real racer. Royal mode is a fierce battle to the death between players. On the Map Generator you can create your own tracks, load them into the game and invite friends there.

You can play this game here


Vecter is an interesting and dynamic game presented in several genres at once. Here you have races, runner, and even a shooter! Your main goals are the survival and destruction of the enemy.

You control your miniature combat vehicle, push the gas to the maximum, and try to survive as long as possible.

You can Download Vecter for free here

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