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Japanese horror renaissance is coming: insiders talk about Resident Evil 8 and new games in Silent Hill series

The moderator of the ResetEra forum under the nickname Dusk Golem, who proved himself to be true insider about the remakes of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3, shared on Twitter his information about the eighth part of the Capcom horror series and few other projects.

It is reported that the development of Resident Evil 8 began at the end of 2016, but in 2017 the project was on hold, because then Capcom considered it necessary to transfer part of the resources to the DLC for RE7 and the remake of RE2, the production of which was behind the schedule. This iteration of RE8 was under development for several years, but about 6-7 months ago, production was restarted, so the “final” version we will probably see in a year (maybe less).

Also in the next few years there will be no new Resident Evil remakes. Instead, Capcom will focus on restarting several other titles using the RE Engine. Announcements are just around the corner.

One of such projects may be Dino Crisis

Finally, the informant also mentioned a couple of new games on the Silent Hill series. According to rumor, about two years ago, Konami turned to some third-party developers with a request to share ideas for two Silent Hill games, one of which should be a soft reset of the franchise, and the other an episodic story in the style of Until Dawn and Telltale Games projects.

“This is just an assumption, but I would say that there is a big chance that one or both of these titles will be revealed this year, so we’ll see. In fact, I do not know the plans of the company or anything else about games, except the very fact of their existence. I don’t have much information about Konami’s internal work,” – said the insider.

Last time, Konami tried to return Silent Hill with the help of Hideo Kojima in 2014, however, due to a conflict with the developer, the production of the game was closed.

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