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New Borderlands 3 expansion pack will be dedicated to Wild West theme

As in the case of the two previous DLCs, the events of The Bounty of Blood will unfold in a new territory, and the Vault Hunters will interact with previously unknown characters – for example, with an invisible narrator who comments on the adventure.

The heroes will travel to the harsh desert planet of Hell to claim the award for Hell Riders, a brutal gang of thugs who terrorize the small town of Ostalat. Along the way, they will meet new characters, and the actions of the players will directly affect the city and its inhabitants.

The Bounty of Blood: A Fistful of Redemption add-on will add new gameplay features to Borderlands 3 – for example, turbo-beast settings that will help you quickly move around in the open and can be equipped with powerful guns like mortars or coaxial machine guns. Players will also meet four new objects for interaction that will help in battles and in exploring the world. Of course, new loot will appear, including weapons in the style of the Wild West. DLC release will take place on June 25th on all platforms.

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