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New game in Paper Mario and Metroid game series may come in 2020

In the network appeared another batch of unconfirmed information about the plans of Nintendo for 2020. According to insider “Sabi”, who has correctly revealed many E3 2019 announcements before the start of the exhibition, this year the Japanese company will release new games in the Metroid and Paper Mario series for Nintendo Switch.

The new Metroid game according to romor will be old-styled sidecrolling 2D-like game. The Japanese producer Yoshio Sakamoto, one of the fathers of the series, is responsible for development. It should be noted that he is not involved with Metroid Prime game series.

According to Sabi, the upcoming Switch game is tied to Metroid Fusion. The insider believes that we are waiting for a full continuation of the 2D series, some kind of Metroid 5.

Other insiders have previously pointed out that Sakamoto, in collaboration with the Spanish studio MercurySteam, is creating another remake of a classic like Metroid: Samus Returns.

In parallel, Sakamoto is producing remakes of the classic Famicom Tantei Club adventure games for Switch. At the last Nintendo Direct, they have announced these games for the Japanese region for 2020.

As for Paper Mario, according to an insider, this year we are definitely waiting for a new game, which will be a “return to the roots”, i.e. to the formula of the first games for Nintendo 64 and GameCube, about what fans have been asking for a long time.

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