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New rumors about Resident Evil 8

The team of Residence of Evil, preparing to launch the VIGIL horror game, published a post with an interesting portion of unconfirmed information about the next major game in Resident Evil series. In the post, next RE is called a full-fledged representative of the main series, but Capcom wants to abandon the number “8”, choosing instead a catchy subheading. “Resident Evil 8” can be taken as a working title.

It is reported that the following information was received by the site Biohazard Declassified, one of the largest fan resources for Resident Evil in the world, but the team asks to take everything as a rumor.

  • The protagonist of the project will be Ethan Winters – the central character of Resident Evil VII. The developers want to continue his story.
  • Like Resident Evil VII, the next game will be a first-person game as well.
  • Ethan will face classic zombies.
  • A completely new kind of monsters will be in-game, some kind of wolf-like creatures.
  • A new type of adversary will also appear. In particular, an annoying ghostly female figure is described. If you shoot at her, she will begin to fade-away right in front of the hero. Enemies that fade in the air are unusual for Resident Evil, but the author recalls that Capcom used the use of the chemical that caused hallucinations in Leon in the old concept of Resident Evil 4 (known as Resident Evil 3.5). Perhaps there will be something similar.
  • Among other characters which may appear in RE8 is Chris Redfield.
  • History will begin in the village, and then move to the castle. The game will unfold in rural, mountainous landscapes. Perhaps in Europe. Snowy locations will appear.

Nibel, the administrator of the ResetEra forums, said he had heard similar information about the game, and therefore found it important to share it with his readers on Twitter.

According to Nibel, everything described in the post is based on testing the game, which Capcom managed to conduct among users last year.

A few days earlier, another insider, Dusk Golem, said that the development of Resident Evil 8 began at the end of 2016, but in 2017 the project paused, because then Capcom considered it necessary to transfer some resources to the DLC for Resident Evil 7 and a remake of Resident Evil 2, the production of which was behind schedule. This iteration of RE8 was under development for several years, but about 6-7 months ago, production was restarted, so the “final” version is not engaged in more than a year. An insider noted that the creation of remakes usually proceeds faster due to the availability of ready-made developments, but in the near future the release of Resident Evil 8 is definitely not worth the wait.

The game will appear on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

Capcom does not comment on rumors. Now the company is preparing to launch a remake of Resident Evil 3. It will be held in April 2020.

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