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Next-Generation Xbox May Be More Powerful Than Expected

We all know that the next-generation flagship console from Microsoft will be the Xbox Series X. But, according to rumors that have appeared on the network before, the platform holder is also developing a second model, less powerful, code-named Lockhart. The announcement of the Lockheart has not yet taken place, but the latest information indicates that the development of the system may still continue.

Enthusiast with the nickname _rogame discovered information about a new unknown hybrid processor from AMD. According to him, APUs equipped with an eight-core Ryzen processor with a clock frequency of 4 GHz and 16 GB of memory shared between RAM and VRAM (12 GB and 4 GB, respectively). Information on the graphics core has not yet been disclosed.

_rogame suggests that the APU is either related to the next-generation Xbox Series S / Lockhart, or it’s a new version of the Fireflight APU that powered the Subor Z + Chinese game console. But, since the team of Subor creators was disbanded in May last year, the option with APU for the future unannounced Microsoft non-prefix console seems more likely.

Comparison of unknown APU (left) versus AMD FireFlight / Subor Z + (right)

In addition, 3DMARK 11 and Time Spy benchmarks were presented. It must be said that they differ significantly. The first put the GPU at the GTX 980 level, while the second test was much better.

Comparison of unknown APU (left) versus AMD FireFlight / Subor Z + (right)

Confidential information about APU from Time Spy:

Comparison of unknown APU (left) versus AMD FireFlight / Subor Z + (right)
  • Total Result –  7.1K
  • Total result of a combo Rx 5600M + 4800H –  5.4K
  • Total result of a combo R9 3900X + OCed GTX 1660 Super – 7.3K
  • Total result of a combo i9 9900K + OCed GTX 1660 Ti – 7.5K

If the APU presented above is really related to the Xbox Series S / Lockhart non-x-ray console, then it will be more powerful than previously thought. Long-standing rumors pointed to performance around 4 teraflops. A closed estimate of Time Spy placed the GPU just below the performance level of the RX 5600 XT graphics card, which can generate 7 to 7.9 TFLOPs. That is why the source mentions the name of Xbox Series S, since the Xbox Series X is seen as a more powerful console (performance is ~ 12 teraflops).

The launch of the next-generation Xbox Series X console will take place before the end of this year. The release of any other model has not yet been confirmed.

UPDATE: Here is complete information about Xbox Series X + comparison to Xbox One X made by Digital Foundry:

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