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Ray tracing, hardware and other details of the Xbox Series X

Microsoft has published a new piece of information about the upcoming next-gen console.
Hardware ray tracing, which will be based on DirectX, has been confirmed. Also in the Xbox Series X will appear the function of Variable Rate Shading, which improves game performance without affecting the picture. For example, with its help, you can reduce the detail in dark areas that are hidden from the eyes of the player.

The console’s GPU power will be 12 teraflops — 8.5 times more than the Xbox One, and 2 times more than the Xbox One X. Of course, the device’s performance is determined not only by this value, but an approximate understanding of its power can already be made. The graphics processor is based on the AMD RDNA 2 architecture, and the central processor will be a custom device based on AMD Zen 2.

Other technological solutions include an integrated SSD, support for HDMI 2.1, and support for games with a frame rate of 120 fps. In addition, Microsoft notes that on the Xbox Series X, you can run several games at the same time and instantly switch between them. By the way, with regard to games: announced full backward compatibility with games from Xbox One, including those that are available on Xbox and Xbox 360. Buying a game on the Xbox Series X, the user can run it on the Xbox One (if there is a version for this console) – the user will not have to purchase another copy of the game for each console.

The Xbox Series X will be released in late 2020. The price has not been announced yet.

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