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Rockstar’s latest tax return reveals possible hint of GTA VI

According to the research center TaxWatch UK, Rockstar North has applied for a significant increase in its claims for tax benefits. As a rule, studios can put forward such requirements before the development of a major game is completed, therefore, this may be due to increased costs for creating GTA VI, the release of which, experts say, is not far off.

The requirements were approved on the basis that the studio project was registered as “British in culture” – this is a historical condition that allows video game developers to receive large subsidies for creating expensive products that are connected with the cultural values ​​of Great Britain.

From the source it also became known that in addition to GTA V, in February 2019, Red Dead Redemption 2 was approved as a “British culture”. Recently, an insider familiar with the Rockstar’s inner kitchen said that Take-Two Interactive’s publisher is committed to making Rockstar Games release games more often. This could encourage the studio, among other things, to give rise to smaller franchises such as Bully or Manhunt.

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