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Rumor: PC version of Bloodborne is under development

This is reported by the Respawn First resource with a link to an anonymous source. According to an insider, Sony is preparing a PC version of the Bloodborne role-playing action game: the announcement will take place in 10-12 months, but before that, the company may present some more exclusives from the PlayStation on PC.

This information coincides with a statement by Eurogamer editor Tom Phillips, who said in January of this year that the release of Horizon Zero Dawn on PC will be just the beginning. However, in March Herman Hülst, head of SIE Worldwide Studios, said that you should not wait for the release of all PlayStation exclusives on the PC.

Of course, before the official announcement, the message about the Bloodborne being developed on the PC should be considered a rumor. Meanwhile, Horizon Zero Dawn and Death Stranding will be released on personal computers this summer.

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