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Square Enix Opens Preload of Final Fantasy VII Remake for PS4

Preloading is already open for residents of North America and Japan. In Europe and Australia, it will be available very soon. Owners of pre-orders will be able to find out the exact start date of the preload thanks to PSN service notifications.

“We know that because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have to stay at home, and this often leads to an increased load on Internet communication channels. Therefore, we want to give all fans extra time to download the game.”

Yoshinori Kitase project producer

In addition, Square Enix introduced the final trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake, which shows the remarkable story moments and completely new characters. The release of the game will take place on April 10 on PS4, and in a year – on other platforms, a list of which will be announced later.

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