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The Dark Knight class has appeared in Black Desert Mobile

The Dark Knight successfully combines powerful slashes with two-handed weapons and dark magic spells.

In honor of the Dark Knight update, adventurers may receive special rewards for leveling them up. Rewards such as Ancient Gold, Crystal Chests, The Mythical Key, etc; all this can be used to enhance equipment, upgrade a camp, or improve Black Spirit.

Another new feature of Black Desert Mobile is the Training Tower, which allows players to improve and strengthen their heroes. Each floor passed will bring more experience and rewards. Moreover, another registered class can be connected to the process (secondary). Both classes, the one that is actively played, and the second, must be level 45 or higher to be able to use the Training Tower.

Finally, another innovation designed to help adventure-seekers is a system for automatically completing missions. It will allow you to automatically raise the level of secondary classes due to previously completed tasks (those that were completed by the main character of the player). More update details – click here.

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