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Top PS4 Exclusives

The PlayStation 4 console went on sale back in 2013 and since its release has managed to acquire an extensive list of video games, which has only grown over the years. Nevertheless, Sony had to really try to provide gamers with a continuous stream of excellent exclusives. And unlike most Xbox One exclusives, Sony exclusives are not available on PC (for the most part 🙂 ).

If you are a happy owner of the console, then I will be glad to share with you the most favorite exclusives on the PlayStation 4. Below you will find brief information about them and a video that is useful to watch before buying.


Developer: Polyphony Digital

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Gran Turismo Sport is the thirteenth game of a series of racing simulations. Kazunori Yamauchi, creator and ideological mastermind of Gran Turismo, describes the new Sport as completely different from the entire franchise.

The game has three main modes: campaign, sports and arcade. In Gran Turismo Sport you cannot play carreer mode without connection to the internet (sadly), but the ability to compete with friends on the network is a big plus. The absence of day and night cycle not so big of a loss in the game (as for me).

One of the main aspects of Gran Turismo Sport is that the game is compatible with VR, namely the PlayStation VR headset. Although Polyphony Digital initially promised full support for VR, it was later announced that it would be possible to fully immerse yourself in the game world only in the special VR Tour mode.


Developer: Quantic Dream

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Detroit: Become Human is an interactive movie game developed by the French studio Quantic Dream. The main action takes place in the city of Detroit, Michigan. The game itself is designed in a neo-noir style and is based on the old technical demo of “Kara”, which was released back in 2012.

We control three different android characters. First we get acquainted with Kara, who fled from the factory in which she was created. Then Connor appears, forced to hunt deviant androids out of control. And finally Marcus, the leader of the outbreak of the revolution against the human race.

The plot of the game is completely dependent on the actions and choices of the player. And in the process of walktrough you will have to make really difficult decisions that will affect all characters.


Developer: Supermassive Games

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

Until Dawn is another interactive genre game with survival horror elements developed by Supermassive Games exclusively for PlayStation 4. The plot focuses on a group of eight people who decided to relax in a country house located in a fictional mountain region in western Canada.

But a fun party quickly turns into a real nightmare when they realize that some psycho-killer will terrorize them until dawn. If you like games where the plot depends on the decisions made, then Until Dawn is definitely for you. During the walktrough, you can control different characters, whose actions will affect whether the members of the group can survive until dawn.


Developer: Team Gravity

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

The main action of Gravity Rush 2 occurs immediately after the events of original game. As we already know, in the sequel most of the characters from the first GR will return. The plot is centered on Princess Kat, Raven and Sid, who, due to gravitational anomalies, fall into the small village of Banga, the inhabitants of which are engaged in ore mining.

Interesting gameplay and beautiful visual style is a big plus of the game.


Developer: Sucker Punch Productions

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

Infamous: Second Son is a game that definitely deserves a place on our list. At least for the incredibly accurately recreated Seattle and a huge amount of action. Particular attention is paid to details that repeat actual places.

In addition, if you have not played in the previous parts of the franchise, then you can safely begin the walkthrough with Infamous: Second Son. The main action of the continuation takes place several years after the first inFamous, with a completely new protagonist and storyline.


Developer: SIE Japan Studio

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

The Last Guardian is a type of game that you don’t expect to see on store shelves any time soon. Initially, the project was developed for the PlayStation 3, but throughout the whole time the release was constantly delayed for one reason or another. Anyway we got release at 2016, but for the PlayStation 4 instead of PS3.

The same team that gave us Ico and Shadow of the Colossus participated in the development. Therefore, during the game there are a huge number of puzzles. If we talk about the gameplay, then you have to control a little boy locked in a castle. In the process, the huge creature Trico, who was initially hostile to him, will help our character to achive goals for completion of the game and storyline.


Developer: Sega

Publisher: Sega

For those already familiar with the Yakuza series, the last part of The Song of Life continues the plot of previous games. The main action takes place a few years after the events of Yakuza 5. As in previous franchise games, you will find a huge number of fights and a half-open world, free to explore.

In the course of the gameplay you gain experience, increase the level and discover new abilities, skills that are useful in order to defeat other thugs. If we talk about the narrative part, then you control Kazuma Kyriya, who three years after the events of the previous game will have to understand what happened to Haruka.


Developer: Naughty Dog

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is not a separate game from the main series, but an independent addition to Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. The main action of the DLC occurs some time after the events of the fourth part. You control Chloe Fraser, who is forced to make her way through the occupied Indian city to get to the old relic.


Developer: SIE Bend Studio

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

Days Gone received mixed reviews from fans and critics. You will either love this game with all your heart, or you won’t be able to stand it in terms of game mechanics and bugs.

This is a game about the world after the zombie apocalypse, where the planet’s population has declined dramatically due to a virus that quickly hit major cities. The player acts as a man named Deacon St. John, who is trying to survive in this world with the help of his friend Bukhara. In order to somehow make ends meet, Deacon and Bukhara are forced to help other factions living on the territory with problems that arise in their settlements. As you progress through the game, you will learn more about the past of the Deacon, who hopes to finally find answers to all the questions that arose after the fall of the world.

In the open world of the game you have to go through periodically appearing quests. There are several fractions, so what tasks should be completed is up to you. Moreover, this is a survival video game where players must travel to a hostile world to collect supplies and resources. If you liked The Last of Us, and you are waiting for the upcoming sequel, this is a great game to keep yourself busy until its release.


Developer: Insomniac Games

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Spider-Man is a game from the Insomniac Games studio, which in the past became famous for its gaming series of Ratchet & Clank and Resistance. And this game breathes new life into the history of Spider-Man, as it is not connected with any previously released comics or films. Moreover, the story of the appearance of Spider-Man is not waiting for us here, instead the game focuses on the life of Peter Parker eight years after he became a famous hero. This is an open-world game in which Parker graduates from college while continuing to defend New York.

In the course of the storyline, we have to play not only Spider-Man, but also the “everyday” Peter Parker. The main villain of the game is Mr. Negative, who turns out to be Martin Lee, one of New York’s prominent philanthropists and project manager of F.E.A.S.T., in which Peter’s aunt May works.


Developer: Team Ninja

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Studio Ninja, which stands behind the creation of projects such as Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden, has been hard at work developing Nioh since 2004. The game is an Action / RPG in a pseudo-historical setting, the main action of which takes place in the 1600s.

You control William, the blond warrior from somewhere in the west. He arrives in Japan to find his enemy. In the course of the plot, he realizes that he has tied the knot of the agreement with the one who is behind the main villain of the game.

It is already known that the studio is actively working on a sequel. Although no details regarding the plot of the second part of Nioh or the release date known yet.


Developer: Guerrilla Games

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Horizon Zero Dawn is notable for being the first new IP developed by Guerrilla Games since the release of Killzone in 2004. This is an Action / RPG, the main action of which takes place in the distant future, when the human race lost control of the earth, and from the once prosperous cities there were only ruins.

The remnants of society are small tribes, forced to hide from mechanical creatures that move freely around the world. In the center of the plot is a young hunter Al, who travels alone and explores a completely open world.


Developer: SCE JAPAN

Publisher: SCEE

Shadow of the Colossus is a cult video game that was released back in 2005, for PlayStation 2. You control a young man Vander traveling on forbidden land. The main goal of the game is quite simple: you need to track down and fight huge opponents “Colosses” and thereby save the life of the beloved girl Mono. It is rather the main “core” of a slowly developing story, which is highly dependent on your interpretation of what is happening.

The game was originally developed and released for the PlayStation 2, and in 2011 the studio introduced a version with improved graphics for the PlayStation 3. At the E3 press conference in 2017, Sony announced that it was ready to release another remake, but for the PlayStation 4 game console, which is already available for purchase.


Developer: FromSoftware

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

Bloodborne is an Action / RPG game from FromSoftware, creators of the Dark Souls series, which is very noticeable in the rather cruel gameplay. The main action of the game takes place in the fictional city of Yarnam, which was plagued by a virus. But the virus was not quite ordinary, forcing sick residents to turn into bloodthirsty monsters. You control a hunter who arrives in Yarnam for his own salvation, but is forced to explore mysterious locations and destroy the bosses living in the city and its other dangerous inhabitants.


Developer: P-Studio

Publisher: Atlus

Persona 5 is one of the last games of the famous series, which is associated with the Shin Megami Tensei franchise. The main event of the game takes place in modern Tokyo and talks about the main character, who is transferred to the school of Shujin. Soon, the protagonist and several other students discover unusual abilities that allow them to explore Metareality.


Developer: NaughtyDog

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

The Uncharted series is incredibly popular with Sony fans. The fourth part of A Thief’s End was conceived as the logical conclusion to the entire series and the story of Nathan Drake himself, the main character of Uncharted.


Developer: SIE Santa Monica Studio

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

When it comes to God of War, it’s almost impossible to say something that you probably haven’t heard yet. The history of the franchise begins with the releases for the PlayStation 2 and does not cease to amaze us to this day. If we talk specifically about this game, then it would be more correct to consider as a restart of the franchise.

If you are already familiar with the previous parts of the series, then this time Kratos ended Greek mythology and “switched” to Scandinavian. In addition, now he will not travel alone, but with his son Atreus, preparing him for life in a harsh world, after the recent death of his mother.


Developer: Naughty Dog

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

Studio Naughty Dog really knows how to make great video games and continues to release exclusives for the PlayStation consoles not the first year. The Last of Us is one of the most recent releases, which has been re-sounded and slightly improved in the Remaster version.

The main event of the game takes place in a world that has recently survived a disaster, somewhat reminiscent of a “zombie apocalypse.” Most of humanity fell victim to the cordyceps fungus, which attaches to the victim’s body, turning the “owner” into something strange. And although it would not be entirely correct to call these zombie creatures technically, classifying them otherwise is quite difficult.

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