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What’s Wrong with Warcraft III: Reforged at Launch

Warcraft 3 is a great game. Even almost twenty years later, this is an excellent real-time strategy, with a cool campaign, divine CGIs and a huge number of different playable custom maps. Therefore, I was looking forward to Reforged with great impatience – an improved version of the great game that could easily return the legendary Warcraft 3 to its former glory. But the truth is that Blizzard is somehow doing almost everything wrong.

Disaster 3 – Reforged

To make you understand the full extent of the disaster (it’s difficult to call it another way), the user score rating at Metacritic for the W3: Reforged at the time of writing is 2.0 points out of 10 possible and falls gradually. For comparison – even in Fallout 76, this rating is 2.7 (PC and PS4) and 3.2 points (Xbox One). Players complain about literally everything – the frankly weak technical part, the constant crashes, the poor frame rate, the lack of a normal “shadowing” of objects, constant errors in the campaign … the list of the bugs is huge.

And if I usually let such screams pass my ears since I am very lucky to avoid all the bugs, then this time karma overtook me, and I got all the s@!t in my face.

Campaign – Arthas go home!

The first thing I have started as a campaign mode – because for the sake of it, in general, I wanted to play Reforged storyline and see what changed. Do you know how much time my mission took? Zero seconds. After game loaded I got a Defeat screen immediately. I tried to restart the game – same, the campaign refused to work. Meanwhile, in the General chat of the game, fans of the Warcraft 3 blamed Blizzard and those who coded the storyline. So, apparently, my case was far from unique, although people in the chat weren’t “crashed” on the very first mission. Only after the restart of my PC and a few other attempts to run the Campaign mode were successful, but the mood was already ruined.

However, the woes of the Campaign mode are not limited to this. The fact that Blizzard decided not to redo the story for the sake of WoW is okay, I’m ready to deal with it. But why they decided to abandon the “Cinematic” cutscenes on the engine (for example like it was in StarCraft 2), replacing them with simply improved versions of the old ones – it is unclear. CGI videos look great, they re-shot the old ones and I love it.

Multiplayer – suffer together!

So we talk about the Campaign a bit. So, what about multiplayer? When you want to create a lobby it will take you around !60 seconds of real-time! (And I have decent PC, with i7-7700, Radeon r9 390x and 16 gigabytes of RAM), it is not yet possible to save and load the game – literally, you cannot save the multiplayer game at the moment (Blizzard promise to add this feature later on). Yes, and there are minor technical flaws.

Of the minor problems, sometimes it is worth missing buildings and other objects – they are simply replaced by multi-colored cubes – problems with “finding the way” among units (although this seems to be transferred one to one from the original Warcraft 3, units are also very stubbornly stuck in each other ) and game has a lot of FPS drops. Moreover, the latter can overtake you even in the main menu, even if you have a very decent video card (tried GeForce GTX 1070).

At the same time, from a visual point of view, the remaster is actually quite good. The style, of course, has changed – but all the buildings and units are recognizable at first sight, and if you see the original Warcraft 3 not for the first time in your life, you will instantly recognize every character and map. The only complaint in regard to characters is the main hero, Arthas, he has a feminine look, geez.

Another problem is the interface. It literally eats up half a screen, and this is inconvenient. The developers had options for a smaller interface in the pre-beta version of the game, which looked much better – why didn’t they add it?

In general, the launch of Warcraft III: Reforged came out, to put it mildly, unsuccessful. Why Blizzard postponed the release of the game for a month, when the final version literally drowns in annoying bugs – it is unclear. It is also not clear what developers will now do with all this. Reforged already has little faith in the cloudless future, as well as the fact that the creators can make players change their anger to mercy.

However, I’ll go through the campaign anyway, but first I’ll wait for a couple of patches. I do not want to restart the game ten times after each completed mission. What’s wrong with you Blizzard? Shame on you!


AVOID IT (until fixes) 2 out of 10

UPDATE: I’ve recently found an interesting video about WC3 Reforged which I liked and want to post here as well:

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