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Wolcen Lords of Mayhem – Review

I want to start this article with the words that I really love Diablo 2 (even more than the first game in the series) and I will compare Wolcen with a large number of diabloid projects that are currently available. I probably played about 5 thousand hours in Diablo 2, I played a lot at LAN parties and played a lot in Even now I play this wonderful game from time to time (which I cannot say about Diablo 3).

Okay, now about Wolcen. This will probably sound strange now, but when I started playing Wolcen the first associations with the game were bad, it seemed to me as a mobile-like Dungeon Hunters 5 or something similar to it, like a game made for fast money grab for a mobile phone. However, later, dissatisfaction transformed into curiosity. I started to like Wolcen. And now the game caused associations with God Of War, Sacred 2, Diablo, and Path of Exile. The last three games have similarities as they are in the same genre, but what does God of War have to do with it? – I created a warrior class and accordingly leveled my character in the same direction. And most of the skills of the warrior class are very dynamic and animation of several skills resembled Kratos from God of War (those who played will understand what I mean).

In general, the game is very interesting (except for the beginning), the plot in the game is average (there will be no spoilers in the article), however, the graphics in the game are at a very high level, perhaps the Cry Engine (on which everyone’s favorite “benchmark” Crysis was created) played a big role in this.


Okay, Diablo-like games are not about graphics, although it also gives a big plus, because watching a beautiful picture is much more pleasant than something cubical and clumsy. Let’s start with loot. You will get a lot of trash items here. Uniques\Rares will be a HUGE rarity (I got only three of the top items during the completion of the game 10+ hours). A screenshot with the equipment can be seen below, it will clearly demonstrate how much you can “weight” your hero. The principle of collecting loot is the same as in all Diablo-clones, the only difference between Wolcen is that it does not need identification scrolls to identify Rare items. All equipment by default is “identified”. Items can have sockets, in which gems of different qualities can be inserted. Depending on the shape and color of the socket in the item – the gem will give one or another property.


Skills in Wolcen are similar to the Path of Exile and Sacred at the same time. Passive skills can be improved at each new character level (the system is similar to Path of Exile, but here the “Ring” with skills can be turned in different directions, it is divided into three parts that the player can rotate to create his own unique build of the hero). But active skills are made as in Sacred.

After the death of the monster, there is a chance to get the cherished new skill, which can be “learned” with the right mouse click in your inventory. Your skills also gain experience and can be upgraded. The player has the ability to choose which additional passive effect to add to his skill (the principle is similar to choosing one of the available skill runes in Diablo 3). These effects can be redistributed at any time.

Game modes in Wolcen

The game has only two modes + end-game. The first mode is Standard, here you will challenge strong monsters and bosses (especially the last ones) will be hard to kill, I can recommend this mode only to those who love hardcore. The second mode is more casual and designed for those who do not want to particularly strain and just run through the game to learn storyline. End-game is not infinite, as for example in Diablo 3. In Wolcen it can be concluded (but you can also replay it endlessly 😊).


The gameplay of this game is special as it is a mix of fast-paced action + RPG using skills. Fights with bosses are very dynamic due to rolls and active attacks of bosses in the area in different places. When playing Wolcen you get a lot of positive emotions and a moderate proportion of the challenge put by the game. Battles with the bosses is a separate story, in this game they are performed perfectly.


The sound in the game is pleasant and not annoying. Musical accompaniment emphasizes battles and special in-game moments. In general, the sound is not noticeable but also not annoying, which means its OK.


There are bugs here. But in general, it was tolerant and by the time I went through this game, all critical bugs were already fixed. I played version For 10 hours of the game I had two crashes to the desktop and the last boss hung up 1 time (was unkillable). That’s actually all that I noticed during the game.


In conclusion, I want to say that Wolcen turned out to be a unique product because it has incorporated many other games from this genre. This mix from the developers of Wolcen Studio turned out to be excellent. In addition, the developers promise to support the game with all sorts of events and expansion packs.

I am sure that I will replay this game given that I did not have time to try out yet multiplayer mode. In general, those who love the good old ARPGs like Diablo, Titan Quest, Sacred, Path of Exile, etc. I recommend to buy this game!

My personal rating for Wolcen 8 out of 10.

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